Tuesday, November 9

The Dolphins (Good-)Bye Week

The Miami Dolphins have played nine games so far this season.  They won one and lost eight.  In all my years of being a DolFan, I beleive there's only been one losing season.  So, I'm unaccustomed to cheering for the team that's the worst in the league (although being a Habs fan and Expos fan certainly gives my some practice) and a butt of Jay Leno Monologue jokes.
After the first two losses, I made a prediction on the Dolphins newsgroup:  Coach Dave Wannsdedt will be fired the day after they lose the game just before their bye week.  Well, I was wrong.  While the Dolphins did lose Sunday's game just before this week's bye, Wannsdedt was not fired yesterday.  Nor was he fired today.
Today, Dave Wannsdedt resigned. 
So, in this week of bye, we DolFans say "Good-bye" to Coach Wannsdedt.

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