Thursday, April 7

PopCultured - A Big Miss

Last night I watched Popcultured, the new half-hour "comment on popculture" comedy show with Elvira Kurtz on The Comedy Network.
I thought it was pretty bad.  Not funny to me at all.  I'm not really sure what the format is supposed to be, but there was far too much single person monologuing going on.  And none of it were very interesting, nevermind funny.

Elvira really needs to stop smiling and appreciating the humour of what she says.  It's not good when the performer gets the biggest kick out of the material.  Her opening monologue was dull and full of fairly tame Jay Leno type current event jokes. Later, she did a bit on lip injections which basically culminated in her making faces at big pictures of celebrities.  Cheap and boring and bad.
Other segments included some woman's review of The DaVinci Code (or, rather, a review of people's perception of it, I'm not really sure what it was about, truthfully) and wasn't nearly as smart as she thought it was.  Another woman did another monologue opinion-piece type thing that I wouldn't even be able to remember if I was hypnotized specifically to bring up that memory.  Some guy did some on location video piece on gift bags at the Junos, and it was surprisingly bad.  Surprisingly bad in a show where expectations had continually plumetted, so that at the point when his segment came on "bad" was the expectation, and it still surprised me.  So, that's pretty bad.
Then Elvira interviewed some celebrity reporter from, I think, The National Post, and it was a terrible segment.  Appallingly full of entirely nothing of value in any entertaining way. 
And the show ended.

The production was poor.  I don't know whether it was live, but it sure looked live, because words were  stumbled over far too often (if it was taped, the director would/should have, a number of times, stopped the taping and had the performer speak more clearly).  No interesting set design to speak of.  It's also not good when a tv audience hears only a smattering of laughter from the studio audience.  It sounded like there were about 10 people in attendance.  Either get enough people to fill the room and get them to be very generous with their laughter, or cut the audience laughter out entirely.  It sounds bad when it sounds like so few people laughing.

They really need to rethink the "you do your funny bit segment, then I'll do my funny bit segment, then you do another funny bit segment, etc." routine and come up with some interesting look and feel.  As the show was presented last night, there was no flow, no direction, no focus.  It was just people saying things about things.  Standing and saying things.  Things that weren't that interesting.  The show desperately needs a look and feel and format.
How about getting some sofas, chairs a couple of TVs and turn the set (which is now basically "Nothing") into a giant funky living room.  It's the living room where people experience pop culture so it makes sense to talk about it there too.  Instead of the "I do my segment, then we cut to your segment, then cut to another segment" style, have the half hour unfold in a more informal manner, and let the segments flow naturally from one to another, with the other cast members on hand all the time, sitting around on couches, chairs, eating pizza or whatever.

As it is now, Popcultured is not worth anyone's time.  It's cable-access bad, and The Comedy Network needs to be airing better Canadian programming.


Jason White said...

I agree 137% with you.
Her comedy has always been bad, it is usually loud and in your face comedy that is just annoying to watch. I caught a bit of the show and I wasn't surprised how bad it was, she is just not funny. I think she is the female counterpart to Ralph Benmergui, maybe her show will disappear just as fast.
The comedy network has invested so much time into her since she came onto the scene, I think this is one performer who should start looking for other avenues to pursue

Rob said...

Shit, I was hoping for a minimum of at least 140% agreement.

maryanne said...

Isn't it redundant to say "female counterpart of ralph Benmergui"?

Jason White said...

I call your 140% and raise you 156%
Normally I would not put in the female counterpart, but as an earlier poster on a different topic thought Rob was an American, I have to be very specific so those who group us all as Americans will know exactly what I mean. No disrespect to the better looking gender intended.

Yanik said...

None taken, Jason.

Yanik said...

Ok…women look better.

Jensen said...

You are reviewing the second show they ever aired!
That's ridiculous. Why not give the show a little time to iron out any kinks and for the show to find it's legs?
It's embarassing to blast a show after it's been on the air for two episodes. Either way, I don't agree with you anyway. I found Thursday's show thoroughly funny actually and tonight's was good too. I laughed my ass off at the Elton John joke in the monologe and that What's On TV segment was really funny, so was the Samuel L. Jackson bit. The cereal sequence was bad, I admit, but as I said, I found other things really funny and I think the show will take at least a month to find it's legs.
As for the idea of making the set look like a living room - uh... No. The set is just fine.

Rob said...

I watched last night's show, to see if I was wrong with my initial opinion.
I wasn't. Of course, humour is subjective and what one person finds funny, another will not. I didn't laugh once, honestly. I guess it's not my kind of comedy. The Samuel Jackson bit was closer to good, but it went on far too long (and I have a real tough time getting past Elvira's smiling face, so pleased she seems with what she's just said). And the cereal bit was awful, agreed.
One problem I have with it is that it's all too much of the same kind of humour. Elvira does a standup bit on popculture with the screen over her right shoulder showing referential pictures. Then another woman does a standup bit on popculture with the screen over her right shoulder showing referential pictures. Her jokes were basically the same kind and style as Elvira's. And I found neither funny.
And the "give the show time to find its legs" excuse doesn't wash. Be good right out of the gate. Find your legs in the months before your first show airs.
By the way, Jensen, what is your affiliation with the show?

graham said...

Yep.. I could say a bunch of nasty, clever-in-my-own-mind things that strips Jensen of his apparent credibility, but there's no point. Shitty shows don't last *&^ ^%$... skratch that!
Just incase this is one of the shitty shows that goes under the radar we should band together, hold hands and hate in unison.
TV has been around way too long for itchy, out-dated, board-room created shows to even make it to the pilot stage. This garbage should have been filtered out long before anyone involved got a pay-check.
As always my opinion is null and void as I haven't actually seen it. But I saw the ads and they pissed me off enough.

Jason White said...

Still a bad show, I just confirmed it.
Still the same crap eating grin on her face, still the same Elvira humor, just bad!
I saw a bit of Jon Stewart in her looks, I think that is intentional though, I have seen her stand up and that look was never present, more of a deer in the head lights look.
And Rob, I call you at 156%
Little White Boy

Jimmy said...

I saw Popcultured today and because of the hype on the comedy network I thought it might be alright. The show titled that way even made me think that maybe I'm receiving current events in an ignorant way, so i thought that Elvira Kurtz would have a lot of really intresting stuff to say. I was proven wrong completely, and it was so bad that here I am typing about it. I have actualy been more intregued by what tina fey and jimmy fallon had to say on weekend update, and thats only a portion of saturday night live. This garbage Popcultured show is it's own entire show. OUCH

Rob said...

Popcultured? Is that still on the air?

graham said...

I wanna find out the name of the Grand Wizard who is Elvira's Agent, and what form of vodoo he/she uses. If the Wizard Agent can do that with her, imagine what he/she could do for me. Whoever this wielder of the magic powers of the universe is, they should use their vodoo skills for good, like fixing the ozone or world peace.
The only other explenation for Elvira's career then Magic, is that there are still some people who think if a woman simply cuts her hair short, she is an enlightened, empowered, insightful being. This is untrue. A persons fashion rarely represents the wisdom, talent and insight of that being.
Though Edwin French Baggies and deck shoes (not on a boat) do say a lot about the wearer of them.

dent said...

I tried, I really tried.
But it drove me away, agressively. Its like a commitee got together and worked for weeks on a new tv show to anger the masses. And not even anger them with content, but with annoying fluff. I think thats why the word cruft was invented, and maybe even whomp. I like the word whomp though, so I don't want to associate it with cruft.

graham said...

I actually watched a few minutes of the show last night, thiinkin :"I should give it an honest chance before I bash it more." I can comfortably say that I have good instincts when it comes to Media. I knew it was going to be hit, but I went in anyway. The only segment I saw was a poorly edited bit with cuts of the the new pope, jumping to cuts of American Idol judges making coments that somewhat reflected religious jokes.
My mother didn't seem to mind it, but she doesn't like the simpsons or Futurame, sooo...
Let's whomp it, Dent. Let's whomp the shit out of it.
She seemed uneasy (like bush making a speech) like she knows the show is shit. I betcha if she's like me, she googled herself to see what people think. I feel a little bad for her now, BUT that's what you get for sticking your neck out! You have to be prepared for people to take shots at it.

dylan said...

When I googled "graham putnam" all I got was links to bizarre Norweigan Herring porn. Didn't click on any of the links. I doubt they are work safe. I hope this means there is another Graham Putnam out there.

graham said...

What makes you think I am Graham Putnam? I am Graham Cox, from Canada.
But I know Graham Putnam and he has proudly done a lot of fish porn, which is more disgusting then you initially may think.

Sid Crowe said...

I've been slamming the show regularly here:
since it began. I really wanted to believe the show's promise that it would tear CELEBRITY culture a new one, even though it's called "Popculture." I don't think they even understand what either term means.
Oh, and it's terrible. That needed to be said. Again.
I really hate it because it ain't funny AND it's stupid. It's really there to indirectly promote the CTV empire. On tonight's show, they aired ads for ETalk daily with Ben Mulroney, who I also hate. If the show really was as sharp as it thinks it is, ETalk would not dare to be advertised there.
People say "Oh, give it time," and "It has so little money."
Ha! It has a fortune. Give it time? Maybe I should give the local drunks a year to put together a funny act. It would cost less, as at least I wouldn't have my taxes partially pay for it.
Remember SCTV? Alkie Stereopolis on the Sunrise Semester? "Hey! Soccer player! Toast that kaiser!" Funny, and it cost 25¢ to make. I would rather watch Joe Flaherty read a newspaper as Guy Caballero for half an hour.
Email me for a jpeg of Elvira I doctored up.

Sid Crowe said...

I've been slamming the show regularly here:
since it began. I really wanted to believe the show's promise that it would tear CELEBRITY culture a new one, even though it's called "Popculture." I don't think they even understand what either term means.
Oh, and it's terrible. That needed to be said. Again.
I really hate it because it ain't funny AND it's stupid. It's really there to indirectly promote the CTV empire. On tonight's show, they aired ads for ETalk daily with Ben Mulroney, who I also hate. If the show really was as sharp as it thinks it is, ETalk would not dare to be advertised there.
People say "Oh, give it time," and "It has so little money."
Ha! It has a fortune. Give it time? Maybe I should give the local drunks a year to put together a funny act. It would cost less, as at least I wouldn't have my taxes partially pay for it.
Remember SCTV? Alkie Stereopolis on the Sunrise Semester? "Hey! Soccer player! Toast that kaiser!" Funny, and it cost 25¢ to make. I would rather watch Joe Flaherty read a newspaper as Guy Caballero for half an hour.
Email me for a jpeg of Elvira I doctored up.

Luke said...

Cheers! Popcultured and Bullard are easily the 2 worst shows ever on Canadian TV. They honest make me embarrassed to be Canadian! I want my tax dollars back!!!! Seen it 5 or 6 times and haven't even smiled once. Terrible wiritng plus terrible hosting plus terrible sidekicks plus terrible guests you never heard of equals a terrbible terrible show every time!!!!

Rob said...

Yes, but you like it?

High Priestess of Zoltar said...

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Ian said...

Popcultured sucks the big bag. I hate it so.

KINSER said...


graham said...

Out of all your world famous post's, Rob, this one has the highest comment ratio. Seems folks really won't stand for half-ass garbage anymore. WE"RE SICK of being patronized and under-estimated.
Fuck comedy network for this mistake, we're not in the early nineties anymore. Quality matters.
They should cancel it

someone in vancouver is funny! said...

here is the review for the show from eye magazine which pretty much says it all, got it thru ottawa comedy resource.
(Ottawa Comedy Resource, "Wow, before it was just a snide bullet in their eye-arts comedy listings. Now it's a full-blown bitchslap.")
POPCULTURED WITH ELVIRA KURT Live taping. Audience arrives Mon-Thu, 6:30pm. Free. Toronto Film Studios, 629 Eastern. 416-849-0063. Popcultured is one of those shows that comes along once in a great while that is so incomprehensibly bad, you find yourself waiting for the camera to pan out revealing an appalled Jason Bateman watching it on his set as some sort of clever comment on the state of the TV nation. But no, this is a real show, with stand-up from Elvira Kurt as stale as that joke about her comically foreign mother thinking her daughter's Lebanese she told for the first decade of her career. The show's schtick -- what if the hosts of Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood just snapped one day and said exactly what they were thinking? -- falls flatter than Debra Messing as one unfit comic after another tries to deliver abysmal, uninsightful and fatally unengaged material with the sort of utter absence of screen presence you expect only from German accountants talking about the decline of the euro, and Ben Mulroney. Do these people actually watch TV? An incompetent show written by untalented writers, performed by embarrassingly inept comics. The funniest thing about the premiere episode was their guest, a guy who came in third or fourth in last year's Canadian Idol. Their second guest? Homunculus-about-town Shinan Govani. And that about wraps it up. BERT ARCHER
MON. 25th. POPCULTURED WITH ELVIRA KURT See Thu and despair.
i'd sa this is to cruel if it was any other show but popcultured really is this bad.
no wait it's much much worse!

i agree said...

popcultured is a big miss indeed.

the comedy network said...

we're very sorry! for all the awful shows we've made over tehe years, especially for mike bullard and his lesbian student elvira kurt.
but see, what happened is this. the government gives us big grants to make shows so we make whatever is cheap using our friends to make it. the shows do suck but hey they are allrrady paid for so you can't blame us for keeping them on tv until they leave us and go to global or until our funding is cut off. and our funding never gets cut off because the governemtn can't cut off funding ot a canadian network and canadian tv shows. this set up is perfect for us.
ther is absolutely no reason for us to have to make a decent show you see!
we buy cheap reruns from america and cbc's ten year old kids in the hall and air farce and just for laughs episodes. and we make the canadian comedy shows we have to make because of our grants. but nobody says any of it has to be good.
so sorry for all the awful shows but you know you can turn the channel or turn off your tv. even if you do this is how we will keep running things until the end of time because our jobs are safe.
get ready for twelve more years of popcultured! then maybe we'll bring bullard back. who cares right?

Hawky said...

Yup...makin' us Canadians look bad. As Jimmy said somewhere above, I'm usually not one to Google a product or service and complain about them, but there's no need of Popcultured clogging up the Entertainment drain. It's patriotically embarassing.
Bad writing, bad smatterings of laughter, bad attempted recoveries by Elvira, but supporting 'comedians'...just BAD!
Shame on the Comedy Network if the producers there don't see what the rest of the country does in Popcultured. Being in the Funny Business should involve spotting a sense of humour.

bup said...

hear hear!
get that bad show off my tv now!

TJ said...

I agree, popculture is an awful show. The humour is really dull and I fell asleep watching the 2nd episode.

GG said...

I don't like PopCultured. It makes me scream swear words at my TV.

wanpow said...

Somebody started an online petition to get Popcultured off the air. I forgot to copy the address but if you find it you should sign it, assuming you hate it like I do.

Lia Pham said...

I don't think we need the personal attack of the people on the show as some seem to be doing.
The big problem is the bad writing of jokes for the show and not how people LOOK or act on it!
And remember you can turn off if you don't like it!
Personal mean attacks will not help any one.

graham said...

Allow me to explain something to you, ms. sensitive idiot:
If someone is going to get paid to saunter around and use their imagination for a living then great! They scored. They got the privilage of living a life many strive and dream of, so if you are willing to stick yourself out there then you better make sure you are wittier, funnier or whatever more then the dozens/hundreds who don't make it. If you are not, you must be prepared to get verbally, socially and mentally slapped around. Thats the price of "fame".
So YES , it does matter how someone looks on TV and definately 100 percent matters how someone fucking acts.
I did critisize her fashion (hair) as being deceiving and outdated, as someone pretending to be enlightened. I guess you must have the same hair or something for you to get your back up. I don't think you're very enlightened, either.

graham said...

Nothing personal, I just get the sense that you personally know the folks on the show, or think her stand-up is good or something. Maybe some like it, but I don't and I'll express that.
Don't misinterpret me either by thinking I'm saying she's not pretty enough to be on TV, I'm not, I just have a feeling that her fashion is part of the reason that she is a small 'c' celebrity. It must be, because she doesn't have good timing or a great wit and there's only so many reasons someone gets their own show ( she seems to have enough integrity to not sleep her way onto the comedy channel).

Canadaian TAXPAYER said...

Canadaian TAXPAYER said...

Canadaian TAXPAYER said...


Canadian TAXPAYER said...

Sorry. That wasn't cool. I only meant to do it once :(

Canadian TAXPAYER said...

Sorry. That wasn't cool. I only meant to do it once :(

brian paul said...

a few have mentioned not liking the personal attacks on this show, but i am willing to keep it personal....elvira kurt sucks ass...she is so untalented i feel embarassed for her while watching....and yes, i can just turn the channel but unfortunately i am a devoted watcher of the daily show, and the comedy network knows enough to place popcultured all around it....if i ever meet anyone who works on this show i will definitely be sure to keep it personal....they should be ashamed of themselves....painful.

Steve Coleman said...

Popcultured is the worst thing I have ever seen on TV.

Mahmet Yasseffi said...

The Eye magazine review is 190000% right. This show is a complete dud.

Jokey Hackburger said...

Popcultured is like smearing poop all over your TV screen for half an hour.

graham said...

To be fair I watched a segment last night I didn't hate. Maybe cause I just got high... maybe I should cut down on the drugs..

cc said...

popcultured blows monkey ass.

anonymous said...

No Popcultured EATS monkey ass!

opywon said...

Why does it seem as though people with no taste are the ones who think they have the best taste and feel that everyone should share this taste. I like popcultured, I even like Elvira's stand up. The show is about crap, and what do you get when you paint a piece of crap?...A painted piece of crap. YOU DON"T LIKE IT BECAUSE YOUR crappy existence is made fun of! The show is a mirror of you Blog heads! It pokes fun at you! It is funny, choppy sometimes, but funny. It paints the Crap you are.
You Pussies should go back to watching Everybody loves Raymond.
Oh yeah that show is over cuz it sucked, and so do you.
Hugz Bitches!

Rob said...

A show about crap doesn't have to be crap, opy. I agree that a painted piece of crap has little value. But there might be merit in an impressionistic painting of crap. Unfortunately, the PopCultured shows I've seen (admittedly few) have bee little more than paint-by-numbers.

batman said...

opy, do you work for the show or what you retard?
popcultured has only one thing it needed to achieve to be worthwhile - BE FUNNY. simple, but it still failed to do it even though it apparently got like a million bucks!
popcultured is the only crap i see around here. except for you. but then again, like i said you no doubt write for or star in popcultured. that show has no value at all. it is crap and should be canceled. can you point to one reputable review of it online or in a newspaper? no it's just popcultured staff and their family and friends on blogs like this trying to save their jobs. wake up retard! EVERYBODY HATES POPCULTURED. out of ten thousand people i've talked to eveyrone who has seen it doesn't just dislike it or not get it, your show is despised like mike bullard was. get it?
everybody loves raymond sucked too by the way.

dylan said...

Well opywon I've got a few comments about your comments.
I'm confused with how you decided that Rob and the many other posters on this entry have "no taste". Is it because we also don't like the Christmas Shoes song?
Also where is it stated that everyone should have the same taste? I'm sure if you read some other posts you will see that although the people posting here often have strong opinions they do respect others opinions as well. (Well except in matters relating to Zoltar and U2.)
I've seen some of Elvira's stand up and it was pretty good at points. I do not like Popcultured and not because it is a painted piece of crap but because it is poorly written and badly performed. Watch the Daily Show if you want to see how you should do this type of material. Check out The Chappelle Show, Da Ali G Show, Conan O'Brien, or SNL if you would like to see how you can make fun of popculture and still be clever and funny. Or if you can find it check out the brilliant Brit-Com Spaced.
I've seen Everybody Loves Raymond and although it wouldn't rank near the top of my favourite sitcoms (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Larry Sanders Show, Spaced) it didn't in fact get cancelled because it sucks. In fact as far as ratings go it (according to June 10th EW) it is the only sitcom in the top 10. The show is over because they decided to leave on a high note.
Now I don't suck and I'm not a Bitch but I do appreciate your "Hugz". The world could use more of your hugz and less of your poorly thought out ramblings.

Dionysus said...

People sure love to bitch. DON'T WATCH IT THEN.
Me, I love the show. I actually think Elvira Kurt is one of the funniest people out there and although occasionally a joke might fail, most of the time I find myself laughing through the whole show.
Maybe it's not your kind of humour and maybe you just don't get it.
No reason to shit all over someone simply because you can't understand the jokes. I mean, with stuff like The Red Green Show and other similar stuff, I find it strange that you're all ragging on Elvira.
Could it be that she's not glamourous or perhaps, heterosexual enough for some of you? There have been a few barely-veiled comments to this effect and I wouldn't doubt how a few cranky rednecks might not like this style of show.
To the person that posted that petition link a hundred times, get a life.
And finally, before some idiot will no doubt ask - I do not work for the show. I don't even live in Ontario.

Dionysus said...

OK man..
First of all.. you insisting I work for the show is very annoying. I don't. Simple. And I know noone involved with the show either - apart from having seen some of Elvira's comedy routines before on TV.
Second, the fact that "most people" on here are critical of the show only means that most of you have nothing better to do than to watch a show you don't like so you can impress other people with how clever you are by being nasty.
Third, I don't sit down and spend hours searching the net for places to bitch about shows that I don't even have to watch and I don't claim the kind of entitlement that you display in your post that demands that everything on TV has to please me. That is damn arrogant - but then again, so is the rest of your response. I responded on here because I thought people were being unfairly nasty - and my mentioning other shows was just an example that there are shows on the Comedy Network that I don't like but I don't go bitching endlessly about it - nor do I maintain that anyone who likes a show must work for it.
Fourth, if you read some of the comments on this page - as I already mentioned in my posting which you obviously ignored in order to make your point - a couple people have already made negative remarks about Elvira that have a heterosexist slant to them. I didn't invent these comments and I didn't say that YOU were a redneck specifically - but people HAVE made this sort of redneck comment a few times on this page so don't jump so quickly to make your point.
Finally, I didn't see the "chip" show and from what you've said it would have been one of those jokes I didn't laugh at - however, as Michael Jackson is a big part of pop culture, it's only to be expected that he'll come up in this show, as well as many other similar type celebrities. And the same type of comments are made by many other TV hosts proving that obviously a great majority of the TV viewing public seem to enjoy them. I find Elvira's comments more dry than those of other hosts and that's why I like her. She also have a great sense of the absurd - which I why I think she's great in her role as host of this show.
Again, if you don't like it, don't watch it. It's a half-hour show. I'm sure you can watch plenty of other stuff during those 30 minutes.

Rob said...

At least Elvira Kurt is no Hitler.
There, thread dead.

graham said...

Sorry, Rob. One more.
I think I'm being accused of being homophobic, because I incinuated that Elvira has a career based on an audiance sharing her fashion (short hair). I don't believe this stereotype of gay women is a reality. Most of the Gay women I know have long hair. Some have short. You're the sensitive paranoid one who thinks this was a dig at homosexuality. Or had a redneck slant to it. You are reading something that isn't there. My comment was directed towards you, someone who caters to the notion that stereotypical fashion represents a persons validity.
As far as my justifications for taking stabs at popcultured I've already posted my opinions on how anyone must be prepared to get socially slapped if they expose themselves on TV or any medium, just like I'm prepared to be "skewered" by you on the internet.
Other points:
You don't have to search for hours to find a site that bashes the show. This blog is Page one in a popcultured google search. Infact I've been posting on this blog for a while, and have never seen such an overwhelming response to any subject. The masses really don't like this show.
And by the way YOU ARE NOW ONE OF THE BLOGGERS with nothing better to do then comment on shit. difference is you're commenting on our shitty posts instead of some shitty show.

poopycultured said...

"demands that everything on TV has to please me"
Pay for the damn show yourselves. You Popcultured staffers are the arrogant ones.
You got your one season paid for, so now get off the Federal Hack Welfare system and either:

Angry taxpayer said...

Maybe we should use all caps and respond in a way only a member of the T-dot Comedy Clique® will understand.

Poopculture said...

That shut them up :)

Graham said...

Let's go for Lucas next...


The fella who owns this board seems like a smart guy, and so are most of the comments here. Look, if you wanna really kick Popcultured in the ass, click the link below. It's for the Canadian Television Fund, which is subsidizing Popcultured with Elvira Kurt. Their "contact" page is purposefully hidden. It's not on the main page. Only after clicking around for a while did I find it. When you click the link, notice the menu at the left, and hit the "how to reach us" link. You'll find a few snail mail addresses, phone numbers, and at the verrrrry bottom, one email address.
It seems that the folks who hate Popcultured are the intelligent ones who enjoy smart comedy, and are outraged at the notion that our tax dollars are being squandered on another Mike Bullard populated by arrogant hacks. If we can get the funding cut off, Popcultured will die, it's as simple as that.
So take a few minutes and let the funding people know what you think of Popcultured with Elvira Kurt. This is the only way (and the best way) to get the show cancelled.
Dont be lazy. Please click the link in my name below and damage Popcultured's chances of continued funding.

Rob said...

As the fella who owns this board, I'd like to go on record as saying that I don't hate PopCultured with Elvira Kurt. I just don't think it's very funny or well-written or well-performed. I don't wish it to get cancelled. I just wish it to get better.
I have stopped watching it.


Well, thanks for allowing us to have a say :)
I am impressed by your initial review which brought us all here. Very good stuff!

crow said...

Hey, I remember this :)
Here's a review of the June 13th show the Comedy Network wouldn't post. I haven't reviewed one since :/
Michael Jackson. "Crack the Jesus juice..."
So much originality.
Soft criticism of Regis and Kelly, which is also on CTV, making fun of the "arranged" Tom Cruise relationship. Tom rumours...same old thing...
Usher thing..."f*ck off," says Elvira. Yeah, give the show time...
Jamilah on celebrity weddings. "The Paris/Paris wedding, will take place in Paris, and the cake will be made of plaster of paris. Go to hell!"
Go to hell yourself, and get a clue, because your "go to hell" is not funny. How you PopC clowns can show up here and dare to defend your "work" is a mystery to me.
Levi on why pornos are not reviewed in mainstream newspapers. Stupid, stupid idea. Levi offers a long, unfunny talk while surrouned by porno vids. FYI, Levi, pornos aren't reviewed because they're all the same, idiot. Stupid idea. It's based on a question nobody asks.
Elvira's "open letter to Alanis Morrissette." Bitched about Alanis' new unplugged remake of Jagged Little Pill being sold exclusively at Starbucks. Called her a "she-Sting." Heh. Not all that bad.
Y'see, PopC sidekicks? I can actually find a little good here and there. That's what separates a proper review from a "rant."
Interview guest is the WORST imaginable, and the bottom of the barrel: A third-rate celebrity personal trainer hawking another pointless diet book. Dead silence. You could hear a pin drop most of the time. Keep smiling, Elvira. Total death.
Not much time left. David Reale on board games. Mentions a bunch of stupid board games that don't exist. Then starts screaming about how his childhood sucked. So the joke is that his parents bought him weird board games, which were about stuff like escaping from a POW camp. One of the graphics featured the swastika. Desperate...soooo desperate. Then Reale starts asking if this is meant to make him look like a fool. So we're supposed to believe that he's unaware of what he's saying. Reale, please go and get a job at McDonald's, and take some more junior acting classes, and go back to commercials.
Elvira shows up, Reale calls all assembled "weiners," and Elvira takes the desk...and flubs her teleprompter reading.

Harvey Bushell said...

This show is one notch, a solid notch, lower than the Mike Bullard show. Up until I saw Popcultured I thought Bullards show was the worst comedy show ever but I want to thank you/them/anyone for forcing me to adjust my scale of *this sucks*. My rating system was getting boring and predictable so I needed a new "worst" benchmark and now I have it.
The scale now starts at -1 and has been renamed the "Elvira Suck Scale" (formerly the Bullard Suck Scale.)

crow said...

Channel surfing at midnight. Caught part of a PC from the day Sith was released. Terribly unfunny bit with David Reale pestering the folks in line at the movie. Long talk by Elvira about the Spears "reality tv" show. This crap doesn't age well.
Noticed an ad for an upcoming epsiode of Comedy Inc, and noticed that broad who pretended she was mentally challenged on the BUZZ, screaming about not using electrical equipment in a tornado. Someone here said that she contributes to PC.
Jeez, is everybody who works for CTV/Comedy Network just bloody awful? Man!
I still can't bear to review the shows like I did before. Horrible stuff, it is.
And Ben Mulroney and Tanya Kim were ATROCIOUS during LIVE8. Ben has no talent, and Tanya is an insufferable amalgam of every sickening trait of your typical E.T. wannabe.
Television stinks.
Fuck, I don't need an asshole like Mulroney or a twit like Kim to enjoy Neil Young at a rock concert >:(

Harvey Bushel said...

crow said- "I don't need an asshole like Mulroney or a twit like Kim to enjoy Neil Young at a rock concert"
Indeed. The question that needs to be asked is *Who does?*

Harvey Bushel said...

crow said- "I don't need an asshole like Mulroney or a twit like Kim to enjoy Neil Young at a rock concert"
Indeed.The question that needs to be asked is *Who does?*

cave man said...

me not like popcultured! popcultured am too stupid for me! me say "ug" at elvira!

Cave Man Jr. said...

Popcultured is listed on now. We can finally read who is responsible for this horrible show.

crow said...

Thanks for the info. I'm going to check it out now :)

bibby dread said...

so bad so very bad. I have legal dishnetwork usa address comedy central sooooooo much better.
I also have rogers cable

crow said...

YEah, I dissed PC good :)
Rogers also sucks, BTW:

jason coolidge said...

if tv shows were body parts... popcultured would be the smelly bum hole. with a dead gerbil trapped inside.

don said...

There's a lotta love out there for Popcultured with Elvira Kurt.
I am being sarcastic.

Dan said...

Ironically your sarcasm is six hundred trillion times funnier than anything we've seen from PopCultured.

Jeff Jacobs said...

Watching Popcultured is like sticking flaming daggers into your eyes and ears at the same time.


You people are all just jealous haters. PopC is finding it's groove.

Sara said...

OK, I hate popcultured, and for the life of me, can't imagine anyone who does, and i can't imagine how the show has been on since April. It boggles the mind. And I really wish Elvira would stop smiling so much! She irritates the hell out of me!
But you know what? I just flip the channel! That's it! I don't want to watch her sh*tty show, or her listen to her stupid jokes! So I just change the channel, and by the way, you don't have to make snide and rude remarks to people who like the show. Don't like the show? Then do something about it! If you're that adamant about it, go do something about it, don't just sit and bash, and attack the users who like the show! So what if they like the show?? How does that effect your life? I personally hate it, and I'll sign the peition to get rid of the show, but if there are people who like the show, then so what? The fact that some of you who attack others who like the show proves you have no life. I mean, get a fucking attitude adjustment, you sound like losers!
Graham: "I think I'm being accused of being homophobic, because I incinuated that Elvira has a career based on an audiance sharing her fashion (short hair). I don't believe this stereotype of gay women is a reality. Most of the Gay women I know have long hair."
Love your spelling there, Graham, you were a high school dropout huh? "incinuated?" Insinuated. "audiance?" audience. "privilage" privilege That's HOW YOU SPELL, dumbass.

Nils said...

I am deeply impressed by the consistency of Sara's message about not engaging in personal attacks. Kinda stepped on your own point there, darlin' ...

Sara said...

Okay, so I guess I did. But you get what I'm saying, right?

Nils said...

I get what you're saying, Sara, but I'm not so sure you get what others are saying, at least some of them. It's not just that PopCultured reeks as a program - that's a subjective thing and maybe there are those out there who think it's the funniest thing since, I don't know, "Bizarre". If it were just that it sucked donkey dick, fine, we'll change the channel.
What really irks is that The Comedy Network MUST know it sucks ... and clearly doesn't care. As a network, it has very little incentive to improve the quality of its programs, because screw you, government grants have funded them. So it floats programming turds out there in a hammock between, say, The Daily Show on one side and The Simpsons on the other, and if the public doesn't like it, it can kiss our ass.

shaboobalah said...

The people posting that they like it are the shows's workers, putting out a fire. They are wasting public funds and YES, that DOES affect my life and I WILL do more than just flipping the channel and doing NOTHING.
LEt all those popcultured assholes get a job at McDonald's, where they belong, or at least live on normal Ontario welfdare of $526.month, and not be handsomely compensated as "professionals" by the fucking government for a show that is just a lame ripoff of the Daily SHow, starrring a cheap ,excuse for a Canadian Ellen Degeneres.

Rob Trottier said...

I agree with that last post --- uh --- 'shababadooblah' or something!
This show has nothing worth being on TV. It's a lame duck network that doesn't care what it's running as long as it gets government grants --- and a government that doesn't care how bad the show is as long as it's Canadian.
And a host and her equally pathetic writers and staff not caring how pathetic their own show is as long as they just show up and collect their checks without having to worry about getting canceled --- because the government and network just don't care.
The system is broke and it needs fixing so I'm going to complain. If Popcultured didn't suck 100% in every single area of the show --- host, writers, cast, production values and direction etc. then I wouldn't complain but it does so I am.

rob's roommate said...

i agree with you rob! thanks for the blue.

graham said...

Sara, what are you saying, you slutty little hipocrite?
So my speilig is shit. So what , people still get my point. You on the other hand seem to contradict yourself as you pathetically try to defend your girlfriends show. Try sucking a dick for a change, at least you'll be staying true to your character of someone who doesn't stay true to a character.
By the way I know that this post is childish, senseless, unfunny, confusing and you're ugly.

glen said...

I actually DO know the people who put this show together and last summer was offered as a job as one of the shows correspondents. Luckily I have good showbiz instincts and turned them down flat. Thank god, altho I feel sorry for my friends involved, who would rather jump at the chance to be on/or involved with TV instead of keeping their integirty and holding off for something good.

holy cow! said...

a comedian named glen? are you glen foster? wow!

Cave Man said...

Ugh! Uga ug ug! Me no like Pop Cultured! Me is too smart for bad predictable Elvira jokes! Pop Cultured make me want to end own life! Cave Man thinks puns no funny! Cave Man already know Paris Hilton is slut, so why Elvira remind us every day? UGH!!! Me club teevee! Cave Man angry!!!!

Who's worse? Open Mike with Mike Bullard or Popcultured with Elvira Kurt? said...

crow said...

Wrote it myself. Enjoy.
To the tune of "Life is a lemon," by Meatloaf:
We want our money back
We want our money back
It's all for nothing
And Popcultured is all we ever get
Every time I turn it on
It burns me up and burns me out
It's always something
But it's something that should never be
That's the only guarantee
When the government makes our tv
It's a never ending attack
Every joke's a bomb, written by a hack
Popcultured is a lemon and we want our money back!
And all the morons
They're the stooges with your coins
They spend your tax dollars to make crap
It's not a joke–it's just a shame
There's desperation
There's desperation in the air
There's homeless dying in the street
The government spends taxes on a show that's lame
Our money's always slipping through the cracks
The cash is wasted–never get it back
Popcultured is a lemon and we want our money back!
We want our money back
We want our money back
What about the concept?
It's defective!
It's the Daily Show cut in half
What about Elvira?
She's defective!
She never makes me laugh
What about the guests?
They're's defective!
They're as boring as can be
What about the purpose?
It's defective!
It's promoting shows on CTV
What about the writing?
It's defective!
It's already dumbed down
What about the performers?
They're defective!
Toronto's no longer a funny town
What about the name?
It's defective!
It's a pain to write or speak
What about the theme song?
It's defective!
It's tuneless and it's weak
What about charisma?
It's defective!
They don't have personality
What about the set?
It's defective!
It's an ugly thing to see
What about competition?
It's defective!
This industry is on welfare
What about its future?
It's defective!
Nobody in Canada cares!
We want our money back
We want our money back
It's all for nothing
And Popcultured is all we ever get
Every time I turn it on
It burns me up and burns me out
It's a never ending attack
Every joke's a bomb, written by a hack
Popcultured is a lemon and we want our money back!
Tax dollars always slipping through the cracks
Let the show get canceled–fade to black
Popcultured is a lemon and we want our money back!

slackjaw said...

holy crap! ur crazy.
but still entertaining compared with popcultured with elvira kurt.

crow said...

Death to popcultured forum

Amir Ali said...

Elvira Kurt is an underrated comedian. Underrated in the fact that not enough people think she sucks. This bitch is the biggest piece of shit out there. I am a Canadian so dont worry about me being a Canada bashing idiot. But canadian comedians are supposed to be funny. This bitch is a dumb whore.

Amir Ali said...

Oh by the way. I believe we can all make a difference if we spam
I would do more but I am not in the toronto area. Elvira's email address would be nice.

Ryan Blanchard said...

The only person spamming would hurt is the poor high school kid who has to answer all their emails for them.
The best thing to do is just not watch the show, and just don't talk about it. It will go away eventually. Not even the Comedy Network can ignore the fact that the show completely suck forever.

bob said...

Season one is over. They are now preparing season two. The messageboard has been removed from the Comedy Network's website, because all people did was complain about Popcultured. Click the link to read the new Popcultured page, wherein they call the show "kick ass."
More like LICK ASS. As in licking the ass of CTV shows every episode.
"It's all aobut ass. You either kick it or you lick it."
–Paul Newman, Fat Man and Little Boy

seƱior psychosis said...

Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured… Pop Cultured…
Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick… Suck my dick…
Is there anything else to talk about?!

Graham said...

Read other posts. There are some great archived ones on this blog. Comment on different subjects more.
Popcultured is a bad show, I had some early comments, but I think it's time to let this one go. The show has been bashed to the point where I might start watching it in spite. Please don't make me do that. Please.

mike grant said...

I agree with that last post completely. I just ran a search on Popcultured because I wanted to find some posts like this one where I can voice my opinion on how much it sucks, but all the posts I've found are already packed full of hundreds of other people saying the exact same thing. I'm glad most people seem to agree with me but on the other hand it's a little disappointing since there's no point for me to post at all! And I really wanted to because I saw it again last night and for the first time in my life thought to myself "this show is so bad ... I have to do something!"
Anyways thanks for all the posts, a lot of them were really funny!

rob mctavish said...

sorry to beat a dead horse but i ran a search to find a place to complain and i feel like if i don't also post to say how much i hate popcultured my brain will explode. i hate how much it sucks and i hate that i have to keep it because it is part of a cable package with other channels i need. i hate everything i ever saw on popcultured. it is the very very very very very very very worst show i've ever seen! there i feel better now. sorry again for beating a dead horse but needed to get that out. i am insulted by how bad popcultured is.

David Larkins said...

I've used my blog to rant and rave about how God-awful PopCultured is, so I was glad to see a venue like this where 8 million other people agree. The point I raised on my blog was that while Canada is known for such great comedians, the problem being is that the best ones are gone elsewhere. So if you're a comedian who is at a level high enough to justify getting a show but you're getting that show STILL in Canada, you're not that funny. There's exceptions to every rule, but this one is pretty firm and the cast of PopCultured — a show the Comedy Network has shoved down our throats — is a disturbingly accurate example of that.

mike said...

popcultured sucks. elvira kurtz sucks.

Popppy said...

Yeah, was just Googling Popcultured to bitch about it. Terrible show. Waste of taxpayer money. CDN TV industry incestuous and retarded.
Peace out

Cave Man said...

Popcultured gone! Network kill Popcultured! Cave Man happy! Me buy new TV now!

Popcultured HATER said...

Yeah, it's canceled.
If any of you people who worked on the show are reading this, you can thank blogs like this for taking you OUT, MOTHERFUCKA!
Without the net, you would've been renewed, and then they woulda kept you on for years...
...but NO DICE!

kevin said...

just adding my name to the list of people who hate popcultured so much they actually spent the time to find a place on the internet to complain about it. if elvira kurt is ever on t.v. again i think i'll go insane trying to figure out why and how!

me too said...

hated popcultured. worst. show. ever.