Friday, November 26


Fishychips at Cedars brings forth this idea for an awful tv series. SideBar.  The original inclination was for this to be a legal drama.  Yawn.  But, when I suggested sitcom with Harvey Fierstein as the judge, well, it just seems right.

Here's what I'm thinkin'... Harvey plays a liberal-minded New York judge who, through mysterious and never-explained reasons, is made to preside over a southern state  (let's say Georgia) county court.  His big-city point of view doesn't mesh well with the small-town conservatives who live in the area.

Who else is in the show, and what do they play?


sprague said...

Fred Thompson as the boligerant, corrupt mayor (if he can take the time off from his politickin').
Chris Cooper as the token red-neck with a family of 14 and a mouth like a drunken sailor.
Betty White as the love interest.
MC Hammer as the funky baptist preacher.

Alan said...

The court clerk is a chimp.

Rob MacD said...

Alan, you had me at "The court clerk is a chimp." You're on the writing staff.
Sprague, "Betty White as the love interst" hasn't been a valid sentence for 20 years. I do like Hammer-time. I'm thinkin' Chris Cooper would be too big for this project. Give him a call, though. I'll be playing the mayor-hole.

Snickers said...

How about Nolton Nash as the local reporter. With the biggest coke-bottle specs you've ever seen.