Wednesday, November 17

Media Pimps, Whores and Johns

I think it's wrong for a guy like that guy who lost 7 children and a wife to fire to be made to feel obligated to talk to the media.
I think it's wrong for the media to advertise, promote and present, in a "tonight at 11" way, coverage of his grief.

I understand that many people feel sorry for him, and that creates a *need* to make his story a news story, but I believe the way to respect his soirrow is to let him be alone with his friends and his faith.

Watching his pain doesn't ease his pain. 

Maybe I'm a bit too "Don't photograph the Amish" in this regard.


m_AD said...

hi hi!!!
Would you do me an honour of leaving a 'Hi, I am from ....' in my comment box. Better if you can ask your fellow bloggers too to support the ONLY guy left (read: STRESSED OUT)....
*Getting ready to be booted out*
That sucks.

graham said...

No offense to anyone I know who works in the media, but they're all a bunch of jackals. It's too bad they got kicked out of law school for not having enough morals, and then they dropped out of Evil-school because they're incompetent. Actually I bet they get a lot of pressure from their boss (probably a tiny over-the-hill geek) to get stories at any cost. Atleast that's whet movies have tought me.
PS: Is it just me or are there some comments in the past couple days that have nothing to do with anything. Am I crazy or am I missing something.

iliketowatch said...

I think somewhere out on the Interweb, a few million sticky fingers began to tingle when Rob posted the word "wh0re" on his blog. The webcrawlinglonelypervs sent out digital signals to their friends and a few have come to investigate and see if there's more digital T&A to be found here.

Rob MacD said...

While that may be true, iliketowatch, they're not the ones that to which Graham is referring. I believe the comments he's talking about are the ones that are asking me to visit their site in relation to an online "Apprentice" type game in which we were all involved.
To those who are hoping for more digital T&A, sorry to disappoint, but there'll be no tits, and the only ass is the guy who does all the posting.