Wednesday, November 24


Or:  The Amazing Shut Up I Hate You I Want A DivoRace

At least there’s still the scenery. And the competitions.

This year’s pack of The Amazing Race contestants seems to be
rather, um, rude, selfish and immature. So much anger and hatred among the couples. There seems to be no middle-ground when it comes to anger between
team-mates. They’ll be all lovey-dovey,
then next scene they are over-the-top Pacino mad at each other. And angry at seemingly trivial things. Yes, I understand it’s a race, and there are
pressures associated with that, but, come on, people. Show each other some respect.  Not knowing whether to turn right or left at the next intersection is not reason enough to declare, in a rabid rage, a desire for divorce.

The apology between the older couple was sweet and
genuine. Really, there’s nothing to
dislike about them so far.

By the sheer outlandishness of his temper and ego, it’s
becoming quite apparent that Johnathon must be trying to create this “most
annoying reality show contestant ever” character. What a disappointment, if it’s true. It takes all the fun out of hating him. Obviously his wife is in on the act.

Other things from last night’s show:

Bolo the Monkey seems to get awfully winded for a so-called
professional athlete.

It’s true. People
falling down on their bums is funny.

Will Hellboy discover and/or announce his homosexuality
before he gets Philiminated?

The New York Girls were a pretty inept team. They deserved to go. And they did. Won’t be missed.

Who will win it all? I’m placing my bet on the team that contains actors and/or models.

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