Monday, November 8

Once Around The Park

DaveS and I came up with this title for what would no doubt turn into an awful movie:  Once Around The Park
Below is my synopsis of the movie.  See if you can come up with a worse (better?) version.

Once Around The Park
Rich, bored socialite Katherine Bringham (Gwyneth Paltrow) is in an unhappy (but for complicated business/family reasons, necessary) engagement to power attorney (future d.a.?) Daniel Harris (Matthew McConnaughey).  The only person it seems she can truly confide in (and to whom she can 'be herself') is her chauffeur,  Bennie (Brendan Fraser).
Through their post-date drives back to her apartment ("once around the park, first" says K each time), Katherine and Bennie talk and enjoy themselves, and fall in love. Of course, she tries to deny their love, and remain committed to the engagement, but love defeats all, right.
She comes clean to Daniel and he seems to take their breakup well.  However, he begins to anonymously torment Bennie, using his power attorney power to wreak havoc on Bennie's good name and nature.  Bennie loses his job, his relationship with Kathreine sours (because of well-conceived lies from Daniel) and the true-love couple seem to have lost, relationship over.  No more do they see each other.  Bennie's distraught.  Katherine's heartbroken.
Daniel is there for her.  Maybe she was wrong about him, he seems to be nicer now. They get back together.
Just before the wedding (on the way to the wedding), Katherine is somehow forced to hail a cab.  It's Bennie, in his new job as a cabbie.  He tries to explain the situation, but she'll have none of it.  He drives her to the church.  Just before the wedding, Daniel says something that causes her to realise that Bennie was telling the truth.  At the climax of the wedding, she runs out of the church and into the cab (Bennie is still there).
They ride off, in the cab, into the sunset.  But first they drive one more time, Once Around The Park.

What's your version?


neesie said...

okay..I loved it but then Im a sappy hopeless romantic that totally buys that kinda story
only changes I would make is...let McConaughey be the limo driver (he looks the part) and use James Spader for the a-hole lawyer role. Spaders had some previous experience in the a-hole dept.. He doesnt just play the a-hole he IS the a-hole.

josh said...

Yeah, you got yourself a nice date movie there. If you want to take it to the next level though, make the Cab driver black (Mos Def). Same date movie story and suddenly your looking at an Oscar nomination(Driving Miss Daisy.) Or better yet, make the socialite charachter a JAP (jewish american princess) and make the cab driver an Arab (Ed Rashed?) Maybe the attorney husband could use the Patriot Act to throw the Arab in jail without trial for a few months. Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and the rest of Liberal Hollywood could Executive Produce. It would definetely get a standing ovation at Cannes.

dave s said...

hey rob. you've done our notion proud. i like maybe jennifer garner instead of paltrow, and i like charlie sheen as the fiance. and i'd add to the plot that maybe the reason there's so much riding on jennifer and charlie's marriage is that jennfier's family is on the verge of going broke and charlie is the only person who can prevent it (garner's parents played by dabney coleman and sibyl sheppard). brenden needs a tough-talking mother who loves him deeply, and whom would be played by katheleen turner. instead of the climatic wedding, it's the court case that will decide whether the garner family retains or loses their wealth. as in your plot, fraiser is garner's cab driver, but now she's on her way to court (rather than the wedding), and of course, brendan finds an alternative solution to the whole legal mess. kisses, love, and the garner-fraiser marriage ensue. soundtrack includes new songs by u2, venessa carlton, and the dixie chicks.

Rob said...

I like it, Dave... Jennifer Garner is perfect. Two problems though: Charlie Sheen it too "TV" now. Washed up, for the moment, as movie material. And I say No to Dabney Coleman. Coleman is 10 years too late to play this role.

Calico Cat said...

Harry Chapin. His song 'Taxi', Sounds like the sequel. I'd buy a ticket. Great ballad... One of my favorite artists.

dave s said...

okay, no dabney coleman. how about michael douglas as dad? oh, and carol channing as garner's gran'ma? and i think nessie's idea of james spader is a good one.