Wednesday, November 10

I HlAoTvEe My Blog

One full year of typepadding, plus many months before that of blogspotting.
Over the past month or so, I've been wondering whether or not to continue with this enterprise. 

I'm getting tired, people.
But I do like having a place to record these stupid pieces of nothing.

At the moment I have an "I expect I'll continue, what the hell, why not?" type attitude.

Aren't you lucky.


Jason said...

Hey Rob! Just wanted to say that your blog is one of the main ones I visit daily! It kicks ass. Hopefully you stick with it.

josh said...

I hope you keep blogging Rob, I only started visiting your blog in September but I do love it so. I check it out almost daily now. You've got a great blog here. You can go from chatting away about the NFL to pitching romantic comedies to writing a poem about Remembrance Day that knocks the cynicism socks right off me. Please keep it up.

graham said...

It's my only news source, Rob! except the onion and the daily show, but they're so main stream now. I need your blog. It's better then e-mail.

lanc said...

I don,t come here very often but I do enjoy the read! Keep it up!

Tim said...

I agree with the above comments. I check your blog every couple of days and find it extremely interesting.
Your "blog voice" (if that's even a concept)often comes off as the voice of reason. Articulate and well-spoken, your posts keep me coming back to see what's next.