Friday, November 19

Rob's "Reality" Show Recap

So's I'm watchin', like, a few so-called 'reality' shows and thought I'd give my important opinion about them.
Let's start with Tuesday night's The Amazing Race 6
I've mentioned here before how much I love this show (although apparently I don't love it enough to give referring links back to those previous mentions).  Tuesday last was the first episode of the 6th season of the show, and I expect it's gonna be another good season.  I am a little troubled by the way it seems they seem to be focusing more on getting so-called 'pretty people' to be contestants.  Some good characters already:  the well-named Hellboy; Bolo (the monkey), the, um, professional wrestler; and Johnathon, whom I swear will (if he sticks around long enough) go down in the history of television as the most hated contestant ever.  Seriously, he is the worst.  Bile-tainted rage rises to my throat whenever he speaks, and it takes all my will-power not to scream and throw a fit at his obnoxiousness.
Yes, The Amazing Race 6 should be good.  Again.  It's the best of the bunch, by far.

Thursday night gives me Survivor: Vanuatu.  It's been an awful, boring season so far, and I expect it to continue as such.  Yet, I watch.  The women-against-the-men thing was immediately boring and has only percolated more boredom.  Other than Twyla, I really don't give a shit about any of the players.  I kinda liked Sarge, but, well, he's a guy so he's gone.  That's about it.  Oh, and I thought the "give the girls two chicken wings and force the guys to suck on discarded chicken wing bones" trick was one of the lowest moments of Survivor history.  And there's been a lot of low moments.  Guess I'll stick it out to the end.

Following Survivor is The Apprentice.  At the beginning of this season, I decided not to get involved this year.  But The Donald got me about five weeks ago and I've become hooked again.  I actually like this show (my desire not to watch it is based on my strange need to have Donald Trump not succeed with the show, I think).  And this year, I quite like Trump's throw the rule-book out the window attitude.  Last night, he fired two contestants instead of the usual one.  He's a loose cannon, that Trump, I tell's ya.

Not a reality show, but it's on Thursday nights, so I thought I'd end this post with a bit about ER.  I ignored the show the first few seasons, got heaviliy into it for a few more seasons.  Last season, I all but gave up on it as I didn't really like the Luka and Carter in Aftrica thing.  This year, I swear, I'm only tuning in to see how terribly, callously and illegally the staff at the hospital treats their patients.   If I was a lawyer in Chicago, I'd get so rich on the lawsuits I'd bring against the doctors and students at this hospital.  Every week, they're breaking some sort of code or law and people seem to die from their 'reckless but caring' attitude as much as they live.  This is, without doubt, the worst hospital I can imagine going to in America.


Nils said...

I'm with you on the three reality shows (I don't watch ER). I'm lovin' this edition of the Amazing Race. Here's some information about that Jonathon dude ... evidently, he told people beforehand that he was going to create a character for the show that would make him famous (or infamous). I guess he aspires to the kind of lasting fame that has made Jonny Fairplay a household word (like "melon baller" and "kitty litter"). Anyway ... now you can watch him and hate him not just because he's an asshat of the highest order, but because he's not even a real asshat ... just a pathetic, phony asshat-wannabe.
Survivor: WhatdoIdo has jumped the shark in its own lagoon. It's only worth watching for the amazing cinematography between the snore-producing women-hating-men segments. However, in a week or two, the women will have to start knawing on themselves. Might get interesting.
I still love The Apprentice, although this year's crop of potentials seems to be second-rate compared to the premier season. I find I get great pleasure out of Trump's brief moments on on the screen each week. He's so utterly classless and tacky (spinning his young girlfriend around to show off her ass) that it's like watching a cartoon character.

graham said...

Even though I agree that ER is a terrible show about a terrible hospital, I can imagine worse hospitals in the states. I imagine that in inner cities it's more like one of those make-shift battlefield hospitals. cheap and dirty.
I'm sure I'll be proven wrong. Some Yankee like Neesie will probably post to the comment pages with some documented facts about how american hospitals are better then Canadian ones.
Amazing Race is the only reality show I'll watch - ecxept for the first good show on the Outdoor Life Network: Survivorman. A show about this guy who brings some video equipment and a knife into the woods and survives for six days. No crew, no food, no pussy-ass challenges designed to entertain, just one mans skills and sanity unravelling as he documents what I imagined many times. Surviving alone with nothing in the woods.
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