Friday, November 26

Bout Time

Finally, after however-many episodes of Extreme Boring women against men 'strategy', Survivor Vanna White Too has gotten interesting.  At least it was interesting for about the final fifteen minutes last night.  How boring has it been so far? How irrelevant have been the contestants?  Last night, with only 7 or 8 players left, I still didn't recognise the woman who won the reward challenge.  Who was she?  Has she been on the island the whole time? Or, wait, was it Bug-Eyed Eliza who won that challenge?  I cannot remember, or differentiate between, some of these forgettable people.
I've been cheering for Twyla for a while now, and I suspect it could be her and Scout that make it to the final two. Scout is a puzzle.  She hasn't come close to winning any challenge, yet she has situated herself as one of two (along with Twyla) who are now calling all the shots. 
I think Dead Man Walking Chris could make it to final three. Not that I particularly like him, but I'd love to see him win, based solely on him (being a man) being the butt of that mean and ignorant chicken-wing stunt in which all the women participated.
Of course, who wins ultimately depends on who wins immunities, and only now (now that Twyla and Scout have shown their hand)  will that really begin to matter.  I must say that I'm looking forward to the episode (next week, if she doesn't win immunity) where Puffy Ami Me-Me gets the boot.  She seems like a mean and selfish person and someone I wouldn't like in real life.
Last night's Apprentice was fairly cut-and-paste, I thought.  Here's the challenge, here's the result, here's the boardroom, here's the firing, show over.  The hundred dollar cash work incentives and the 'no pizza for you' strategy seemed so wrong and stupid.  For that alone, the guy deserved to be fired.  And that Globe of Pepsi bottle they designed was simply awful looking.

From the Reality Show Red Carpet, here in downtown Whogivesashit, this is Rob MacDee reporting.


frankie said...

I missed Survivor last night...fell asleep while deep in the despairs of the flu. However, I must disagree with your disapproval of Ami. I like her spunk, and her un-wobbliness (for lack of a better word I guess) in this game. She wanted ALL the women to make it to the end, (as this was her orginal team) and she doesn't allow the cattiness of the others to sway her vote. She deserves to win. If the gals were smart, they get rid of Scout (popular vote) next. She's going to coat-tail it to the end if they don't watch it.

Rusty said...

What was so funny was how they all agreed (seemingly on the merest of whim's of Lee Anne) to vote the buggy-eyed girl off, deviating from the plan to vote all the men off first. Then, Lee Anne gets voted off. That was ironic in its truest sense and was great TV to watch.