Monday, November 15

I'm A Rocket, Man

I saw this on IFilm a couple of weeks ago, and now I see it linked on MetaFilter.  I don't like linking to IFilm, so I'll provide the link that was on MetaFilter.
The year is 1978, and William Shatner is on stage at what looks like some award show or something, performing/reciting the Elton John/Bernie Taupin song Rocketman.  It is an incredible performance.

Seriously, if you never click on anything else that I offer, you have to check this out.

I need this to be a joke.  I cannot exist in a world where a man would be so full of himself to do this seriously. My only hope is that his tongue was planted firmly in his cheek.  What an actor!!!


Nils said...

"Family Guy" didn't even have to parody this - Stewie's performance of Rocket Man is taken directly from this tape, complete with cigarette and multiple images and hideously forced phrasing.
I want to believe Shatner knew how ridiculous he looked, and had a good laugh about it afterwards. But if he didn't, that makes it even funnier - because surely people remind him about it now and he cringes ...

Rob said...

If he didn't do it for shits and giggles, I'm sure he has since convinced himself that he did.