Tuesday, November 9

News You Will Only Find Here

The excellent and safe Firefox browser became 1.0 today.  If you don't use it, you really owe it to yourself to get it and have it forever replace Internet Exploder.
Congratulations to Steven Garrity's design team and the whole Firefox crew for the time and effort put into giving us the much needed alternative.


frankie said...

Rob, I need your opinion on a challenge I am thinking about having for the next round. Is it okay if I email you with my concern? I am just doing this to make sure i have all my bases covered and since you're the expert...
I will understand if you are too busy :0)

Rob said...

Ask away, if it's not too late. "too late" as in "the challenge is already under way". Not "too late" as in "I'm tired and I've gone to bed".

frankie said...

Yeah, we've got time. It's not going to be announced until Sat or Sun.
Hey, if you want to kill off your blog, maybe we could start up an online-Survivor/Apprentice franchise?
Juuuust kidding!!