Monday, January 12

Summer Comedy, now with Added Humour

The room is booked and the scripts are being written, so I feel safe enough to make this announcement:

There will be comedy in Charlottetown this summer. Thursday and Friday nights at the ARTS Guild throughout July and August.

I'm part of a newly formed group, tentatively calling ourselves The Cable 10 Players (I'm guessing the name'll change) and we'll be presenting sketch comedy of both the theatrical and videological variety. Because it's still being written, we don't yet have a name for it.

Stay tuned for updates as they become warranted.


Tootie said...

Are you saying there was no comedy in Charlottetown last summer?

Rob MacD said...

Nowhere in my post did I say that there was no comedy in Charlottetown last summer.
Of course there was comedy in Charlottetown last summer. 'Enemies' got a lot of laughs.
And there was the fight club improv.

Tootie said...

I was asking if that's what you were saying, and I guess you were not. Do you really think that the fight club improv was very funny though? I went once and we left early.
I didn't see Enemies. Is that the soap opera one?

Nils Ling said...

Delighted to hear it, Rob ... I really missed having FourPlay around last summer, and whether or not this new show will contain improv elements, it's bound to be funny. Good luck with it - and you know you can count on me to be in the audience and go my hands.

Rob MacD said...

Tootie, you seem to have a knack of reading things that aren't there. I didn't say that the fight club was funny. It was billed as 'comedy', though, so technically, it was part of the comedy that was produced last summer. I saw Fight Club once, and physically, I stayed for the whole thing. In all other ways, I left early.
Yes, Enemies was the soap opera one.

Tootie said...

It does appear that I have that knack.
It will be nice to have some good humour around this summer. It's been a while.

Rolf Dennis said...

I enjoy reading through this informal place. I will surely visit you again to see if anything new appears on it.
Good luck for the future.