Friday, January 16

And The Nominees Are...

So, this’ll be my longest post so far, maybe ever. I’ve looked through the list of all 254 films eligible for nomination for Best Picture of 2003 Academy Awards and picked out some I think might receive some form of recognition. This list is alphabetical.

AMERICAN SPLENDOR – I didn’t see this movie. Yet based on other’s opinions, I think it has a chance at a Best Picture Nomination. However, in lieu of that, Paul Giamatti will get a nom for Best Actor instead.

BAD SANTA – Won’t get close to a Best Picture nomination. Billy Bob may have a small chance at a Best Actor nom. There’s an even slighter chance for a Supporting Actor.

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM – This movie was so long ago, I think people will have forgotten about it. If it had come out later in the year, there might be a ‘Greek Wedding’ surge to nominate it, but it ain’t gonna happen. Good movie, though.

BIG FISH – didn’t see it. Too many unsatisfied reviews to get it a Best Picture nod, but I think it’s within the realm of possibility for a Best Director choice. Won’t happen, though.

CITY OF GOD – Didn’t see it. Another movie that’s been out too long and lost the buzz? May still get on the Best Picture list. Will it win Best Foreign? Yes.

COLD MOUNTAIN – Didn’t see it. Don’t really want to. Will probably get some nominations: Best Picture, Actress.

THE COOLER – I think this might be a long shot for a nomination or two. Maybe a supporting actor for Alec Baldwin. I doubt it though.

ELEPHANT – Made it up high in some ‘best of’ lists. I don’t think it’s the Academy’s cup of tea, though. Wouldn’t surprise me to see it nominated for Best Picture. Won’t win though.

FINDING NEMO – If there was no ‘Best Animated’ category, this might make it into Best Picture. It’ll be in, and win ‘Best Animated’.

IN AMERICA – Didn’t see it, kinda scared/tired of the poor irish experience. But pretty much all accounts rave about how moving it is. Should get a Best Picture nom, and maybe a Supporting Actress for one of the kids.

INTOLERABLE CRUELTY – I liked this movie quite a bit, yet don’t think it’ll make it into many Oscar categories, if any. But you should never underestimate the fans that the Cohen brothers have in Hollywood. A longshot for winning anything, slightly less so for being nominated.

KILL BILL – VOL.1 – I wonder if this’ll get any nominations. I doubt it. Afterall, it’s a movie, not a film.

THE LAST SAMURAI – Didn’t see it. Will likely get a Best Picture, Best Actor nomination.

LAUREL CANYON – Maybe a Best Actress for Frances McDormand. Didn’t see it.

TLOTR: TROTK – Should get a Best Director, Best Picture nomination. Plus will win pretty much all of the technical awards. No acting nominations.

LOST IN TRANSLATION – Will be up for Best Picture, Best Actor. Maybe Best Director, not likely Best Actress.

LOVE ACTUALLY – Might get up there on a nomination or two. Maybe a supporting Actor or Actress. Nothing more.

MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD – I’m guessing a Best Picture nomination, a Best Actor nomination, maybe Best Director, plus some technical nods.

MONSTER – It might get a Best Picture nod. It will get the nomination, and win the Best Actress award.

MYSTIC RIVER – Likely best Director, Best Picture, Best Actor nominations.

OWNING MAHOWNY – Likely too small and too far in the past to be remembered, but I’m guessing Philip Seymour Hoffman will get nominated for Best Actor.

SEABISCUIT – Likely nominated for Best Cinematography, maybe Best Picture, but it was such a long time ago this year.

THE STATION AGENT – A long shot for anything, but might slip through to grab a nomination in something.

THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE – Will get nominated for Best Animated Film, but will be hard-pressed to beat Finding Nemo.

And, to put it all on the line, here is my pre-announcement guess for what will get nominated for Best Picture. This is not necessarily what I think should be nominated, but what likely will get nominated:

Best Picture: The nominees are:

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Mystic River

Lost In Translation

In America


dave s said...

it'd be nice if winning an oscar actually meant anything about the quality of a movie. with that in mind, it seems to me that the most interesting movies are always nominated in the "best original screenplay" catagory, where i'll bet you'll see "bad santa" and "lost in translation" represented this year.

dave m said...

i think one of the reasons that happens is because it's the "academy" awards. and a lot of the interesting films aren't made by members of the "academy". which is fair, i guess. that's where the IFA awards and others come in

Rob MacD said...

Well, the first four were pretty much a lock. For the fifth nomination, it was a toss up between In America and Seabiscuit. I chose wrong on that one. Oh well, Seabiscuit has just about as much chance of winning as In America does. And In America is not nominated.