Thursday, January 15

My Son, Bat Boy

A few days ago, at the supermarket checkout (or 'cheque-oat' for our Candian friends) I saw the front cover of the Weekly World News. It featured a picture of BatBoy. I forget the exact reason BatBoy was featured, but I would assume that he was being accused of being involved in or responsible for some current-day story.

Anyway, this got me to thinking that perhaps there was a way for me to gain, financially, from the ever-expanding BatBoy phenomenon. See, I have a 10 year old son who likes to put on shows, to act. I'm quite confident that the folks who do Extreme Makeovers would be able to reconfigure his features so that he closely resembles BatBoy.

Teach him how to make up gibberish and we'd travel North America and beyond, looking for stories and events at which BatBoy (the real, with honest to God photographic proof, BatBoy) could appear. Or, maybe, you got an event that you want after-the-fact publicity for? Just give me a call and we can ensure that the freak of nature BatBoy shows up and, depending on your wishes, causes havoc or hands out awards. Either way, it's publicity, guaranteed.

Anyone know the phone number for Extreme Makeovers?


Peter Rukavina said...

carruthers! said...

Have you seen this, Rob?
It also links the permission info to enable people to stage it! Imagine: Bat Boy on PEI!

carruthers! said...

Oh! Here's the great poster!

Cyn said...

My son, Ian, actually used to do a great BatBoy impersonation. When he was younger his body hadn't yet caught up to the growth rate of his ears, and he used to be able to stretch those flappers out and point them up until you could see daylight throught them. His nose was held up by a ball cap turned backwards. It was all his own invention, no doubt by spending several hours in his bedroom alone.
I think you might have even been lucky enough to see one of his rare appearances one day at George's Take-out. He also used to jump off the dunes at the beach and pretend he was flying whilst donning the BatBoy look...highly entertaining, but sad to say, not very profitable. That's not to say your C. couldn't take it that next step and make a killing.
Good luck.

Cheryl said...

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