Wednesday, January 28

<em>Enthusiasm</em>, Curbed (somewhat)

I love Curb Your Enthusiasm. I've been enjoying it more and more each season as it's run on The Movie Network. Sad to say, however, that last season (I believe the series' third) may have been the high-water mark. Specifically, the episode where Larry David talks to rapper Krazee Eyez Killa and laments the effort and hard work required in orally pleasing females. To me, that one scene, in a very funny season of very funny scenes, is the definition of comedy.

The first four episodes of this season have seemed progressively more forced and false. While still very funny and still some of the best comedy on television this year, it seems the show has fallen into the trap of having David's character *dictate* the wackiness of a scene or episode, rather than allowing his character to *discover* the wackiness. In the past, Larry David would stumble into his troubles. Now it seems as if he's seeking trouble out. It's a subtle difference, and one that I'm sure I've not explained well enough, yet I'm not going to bother or bore you all with trying to explain further.

I'm not giving up on the show. Not by any means. It, combined with back to back reruns of The Sopranos, makes Tuesday night the only night of television I currently look forward to.

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