Monday, January 5

Lost In Translation, Lost on him

I just watched Lost In Translation and it was as great as all the buzz claims it to be.

After I watched it, I started a search to see if I could find out the final line of the movie. Then I realised that I really didn't want to know what Bob said to Charlotte. I didn't want to know because, whatever was said, was between them.

I did, however, head over to Metacritic to check out some of the reviews. One numbing review just made me angry and sad. Angry and sad because a person who is, apparently, paid to critique movies can be so damned wrong. I leave you the link to this horribly misguided review, but ask that you don't click on it.

In this way, by providing a link that nobody clicks, I feel I am somehow protesting his opinion.


Derek Martin said...

Is this out on video now?

Rob MacD said...

I don't know if it's out on video yet or not. I am a bad boy.

Hans said...

I actually agree with the review you linked. Am I to be doubly abhorred? I didn't like the movie that much and I clicked on the link despite being instructed not to. the good news is, i can now read your blog without any error messages popping up. And I think the line Bob says to Charlotte is: "Dat's da fac', Jack."

Rob MacD said...

Hans, that you went against my 'do not click' wish cannot really be grounds for abhorrence. I realise that by placing the temptation there to begin with, some would succumb to that temptation. I cannot fault people for failing me in this way.
Plus, since you are someone who has a dislike for the movie anyway, visiting his review would be, to you, like visiting a comrade. It is the people who enjoyed the movie, I guess, to whom I was really imploring not to click.
On the second potential grounds for abhorrence, ie., your not liking the movie, I again cannot complain. I, of course, am saddened that you didn't get the same enjoyment that I, and apparently a lot of people, received from this movie. You can't change the emotional reaction you had (or didn't have) to this movie, and I certainly have no intention of trying.
And I'm glad that you can now visit, fault free.

Calico Cat said...

Rob. I'm sorry. I'll never want to click on a web site you don't want people to again... I am weak. I clicked on your faux 'suggested' web site on Dec 12 2003. I anticipate on being called before the CBA in the future for viewing bizarre bestiality on company time. Hope you can find me a job.. Maybe writing the local fish plant company newsletter?

Rob MacD said...

Calico, I warned you. I warned you all.