Monday, January 12

Exp-hair-iment: I'm A Pretty Pony

Because I know some of you probably haven't been sleeping well since I announced that gel would no longer be a required addition to my daily hair routine, I thought I'd update you all on what's been happening, follically speaking.

My hair has been growing well, thanks. In fact, it's longer now than it's been since I was, perhaps, 14 years old (although, to be accurate, my hair doesn't seem to get long. Just thick). After much consideration as to what style I'd implement (now that no-gel makes the 'parted on the side' look of the past 20 years impossible), I decided I'd go with "no style". That is to say, wash, towel dry and voila: what's left is my style. Of course, because the hair is so fine, no-style is the only style that would hold anyway, so really, it was no decision.

And how's it going? I'd say it 'works' about 58 percent of the time. About 6 out of ten glances in a mirror leave me feeling adequately satisfied as to how it looks. Maybe 2 glances of 10 leave me thinking "ugh I must change this". Yet, because I am now talking about glancing in the mirror, I fear that I am falling into a "I'm a pretty pony" syndrome and because of that, I fear that I'm losing my mind. Losing my mind under a huge unstyled head of blond hair.

Worry for me, people. While I'm mostly coping well enough with the new feel of hair on my head, and on my forehead, I do have moments where I wonder how much gel is left in the bathroom. I have moments where I hear me thinking "a buzz cut would look good, and be just as, easier, to take care of". Today, I told my wife and a co-worker that I was going to get my hair cut, and I intended to. At the last moment, though, I changed my mind, sucked up the courage to stick it out with this no-style hair for just one more day.

Tomorrow, I hope that I'll convince myself of the same again.

Just one more day.

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Nils Ling said...

I find I am somehow able to contain my anxiety over your plight.