Monday, January 19

Oh, Lotta. I Can Hear You Even Now

I think it's over at Delta Tango Bravo where there was a post about great names.

One of the greatest, I think, has to be Lotta Hitschmanova, she of the USC television ad from the CBC of the past.

Before peaking at this website, or any other documentation, who will be the first to correctly post the address that will be forever associated with Lotta Hitschmanova.

The prize for posting the correct answer is the respect and admiration of an entire blogging community (yes, I can speak on behalf of us all).


dave m said...

of the unitarian service committee
66 sparks street
ottawa 4
(The 4 was before the postal codes)
do i win?

Rob MacD said...

close, but not quite.

Peter Rukavina said...

56 Sparks St.

dave m said...

d'oh! ah well. that was a little trip down memory lane... even though my lane is somewhat overgrown with weeds and bushes. The ottawa 4 thing i had all but forgotten about... I was in ottawa 12 growing up, i think. they must have been the postal station numbers... ah Lotta.... I think she was the first television personality i ever tried to imitate too now that i think about it.

Rob MacD said...

56, yes, that's it. Peter, you'll be receiving your respect and admiration in the mail. For detailed assembly instructions, please include 5 dollars and a S.A.S.E. in the accompanying envelope and place in a post box.
For the longest time, I thought her name was "Lydahitch Minova"

Cyn said...

Like Dave M, I believe it was one the first TV voices I remember imitating. There's a link on the USC website Rob posted above. Go to the home page and scroll down and you can listen to one of the old ads. I always thought Lotta's voice sounded more East Asian, but listening to her again reminds me of her strong Czech accent.

robert paterson said...

Isn't there a character in Gold Member called "lotta fagina"? Are they related?

Liz said...

"Before peaking at this website"
I am hesitant to criticize here, since I already performed unauthorized gender reassignment surgery on you at this link:
but my dear,
peaking = getting to the top of (in the sense of a mountain peak)
peeking = a quick glimpse at, or looking quickly.

dave m said...

hey rob! you have your own spellbot!

Rob MacD said...

I hope Sally Cole doesn't find out about this!
Actually, I'll stand by my choice of word. Visiting that site could very well be the peak of somebody's web-surfing experience.