Thursday, January 29

CBS - Censoring Bush's Spending

Here's a link to the MoveOn dot org Voter Fund 30 second television commercial that CBS won't allow to be aired during the Super Bowl.

Be careful, though. You might see something that makes you think just a bit.


Nils Ling said...

Very effective ad, and it would have rocked SuperBowl audiences. Of course, we'd have never seen it. All those great ads, debuting through the game, some of them one-offs - and because we live in Canada, we'll be treated to "Island Petroleum, Great Service Great Pee-pull" and "310 - 30 - 30!" and "Remember, play safe."

Wayne said...

Should the only political messages we see on TV be the ones sponsored by those with enough money? Do you want your kids to only see the philosophy of those with deep pockets? Do you want to see these messages on your cereal boxes and milk cartons? I a glad someone took a stand and said no, and they said no to all political stances, not those sponsored by those hopelessly lost to the left with lots of money. "Make you think" should include the opportunity to make a decision based on all points of view, not just one side, or that which is sponsored by the wealthy. Really, most real football fans were looking for a break from the nagging and lobbying. Just like the moveon ad, so should they take a stance against the right tit, and ensure that such messages are controlled and never allowed to happen again.
This years American ads were a disappointment. But, the game was great.

Tim said...

For those interested in viewing this year's crop of Superbowl commercials, they are available here: There are a few good ones, but most are pretty standard. It still boggles my mind that these companies pay millions of dollars for their commercials only to have them bumped in Canada.