Thursday, September 23

What A Great Ass!!

Today, I was wondering how the world would be different if, through whatever means necessary for it to be possible, some of our thoughts were randomly broadcast out loud to those around us. Kind of like a bull-horn type affair.

Because it'd be random, one would never know when or what thoughts would be amplified. Would people have learned to adapt, to keep those dangerous or embarrassing thoughts tamped down in their brains in some way? Or would the world be more accepting of these random audible bursts of thought? Would we become more thick-skinned or thin-skinned people?

Having given practically no thought to this, I think people would have learned to keep thoughts like "boy is that guy ever ugly" from happening, for fear of that thought being a random burst. I also think we'd be a more sexually liberated society, because we'd be hearing people's thoughts like "Great ass!". I think we'd be a more honest society. Whether that'd be good or bad, I don't really know.

Would we have more friends or less friends?


Nils said...

What you've described sounds a lot like certain forms of Tourette's Syndrome. Trying to block out specific thoughts ("Boy, is that guy ugly!") would be pretty night impossible, because to block them out you have to be thinking of them, huh? So you'd hear "OK, don't think about how ugly that guy is!"
While it's not a great movie, "What Women Want" had a take on a similar idea as this.

frankie said...

I often wonder how come people with Tourette's never blurt out 'nice' things?