Wednesday, September 15


I've been a fan of Mark Ramsey's movie review site MovieJuice for a while.

He's a sharp writer and packs a lot of funny lines and smart sarcasm into his reviews. Even with movies he likes, he enjoys taking pot shots at the stars and movie business in general.

If you like snarky, funny writing, and if you like movies, I'd be surprised if you didn't like MovieJuice. Check it out.

Here's a sample of his style from his review of "Skycaptain..."

"Aleht the amphibious squadron!" says Angelina Jolie. Never has an actress uttered more silly British commands than Jolie, who captains the all-female amphibians like synchronized swimmers with guns. "Ready assholt teams!" she yells. "Ahm clusteh tohpedoes and stick clewse to unit fohmation!" she commands. "Retuhn my Oscah to the Academy with my profoundest apohlogies!" she shouts. With her little military cap and her black uniform, Angie looks like she should be handling Jude Law's luggage.


frankie said...

Funny site.

Mark Ramsey said...

Hey, thanks for the wonderful plug!! You're making me feel like I gotta get busy writing something! :-)

graham said...

He's almost as funny as you, Rob.

Rob MacD said...

Almost as funny...looking, perhaps.