Saturday, September 11

Are You Ready For Some Football!!

It's time for me to start my season of guessing who's gonna win each NFL football game. My goal is to be at 60 percent correct at the end of the year. I'll be guessing, I mean, calculating my picks on win or lose, not against the spread.

The first game of the season was Thursday night. I picked the Colts to beat the Patriots. So, I'm 0 and 1 so far.

Here are my picks for the rest of this week, with comments when I have something to add:

Indianapolis @ New England - Colts to win (I was wrong. I'm scared that the Pats may be better than they were last year.

Tennessee @ Miami - Miami wins. (Miami is expected to be pitiful this year. I expect them to surprise. I'll say they get to the playoffs. How? I have no idea at the moment.)

San Diego @ Houston - Houston wins. (The Chargers will continue to suck. The Texans will continue to surprise)

Baltimore @ Cleveland - Ravens win.

Detroit @ Chicago - Chicago wins. (only because one of these two schmucks has to win)

Jacksonville @ Buffalo - Buffalo wins. (I don't know how the Jags stack up this year, but I expect them to fail. The Bills have got to be better than they were last year. They're on their way to healing)

Tampa Bay @ Washington - The Buccanneers will win. (The Redskins will once again this year prove that money doesn't necessarily equal success)

Arizona @ St. Louis - The Rams win. (they better enjoy it. Wins will be scarce for St. Louis this year)

Oakland @ Pittsburgh - The Steelers will win (I hate the Raiders. They are the Heavy Metal Music of football)

Cincinatti @ NY Jets - Jets win. (Hate to say it, but the Jets will be a good team this year)

Seattle @ New Orleans - Seahawks win

Atlanta @ San Francisco - The Falcons win. (SF will continue to plummet from the quality team they were a couple of years ago)

NY Giants @ Philadelphia - Eagles win

Dallas @ Minnesota - Dallas wins (I expect Dallas to be as good as they surprisingly were last year)

Kansas City @ Denver - The Broncos will win, because it's their home game. (should be a good game)

Green Bay @ Carolina - Panthers win (the Brett Favre era will be shown to be over this year.)

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