Friday, September 17

It Didn't Work, My Nemesis

Yes, I got in the car this morning and drove to work, my nemesis.

Yes, I pulled out onto the busy Route 2 into Charlottetown, my nemesis.

Yes, my brakes failed, my nemesis.

No, I didn't die, my nemesis.

Your attempt to have me killed by cutting my brake lines failed.


A couple of days ago, the brake warning light came on, on the car's dashboard. Took it to our mechanic (it's kind of nice to have a mechanic who knows you by name. Not so nice when he has your contact phone number practically memorized), and he topped up the brake fluid. Said "if the light comes on again, you'll probably have to get it repaired'.

Last night, the brakes were working perfectly. This morning... no brakes. Or, barely any brakes. Interestingly, though, the brake warning light did not come on this time. It's rather discomforting to come up to the intersection of Route 2 and the Ch'town Bypass, and your brakes can only muster to coast you to an eventual stop. Discomforting, indeed.

By the way, I don't think I have any nemesis (or nemesii?). Unless you can call 'debt' a nemesis. If so, then that nemesis is killing me slowly.


Peter said...

I used to drive a little Honda Civic. Its brake light went on one day. I ignored it, as the brakes seemed to work just fine. I ignored it for three weeks. The one day, in North River, opposite Sam's store, I applied the brakes and there was nothing there. Thankfully I had time and opportunity to gear down and glide to a halt. Moral of story: brake light coming on = problem with brakes.

Rob MacD said...

Thirty-one dollars to fix the leak in the brake line. I like that.