Monday, September 13

Is It That Simple?

Last night's Six Feet Under was, for the most part, amazing.

A couple of plot points that were a bit too soap-opera in their melodramatic unbelievability. But such great melodramatic unbelievability.

Some absolutely incredible scenes. The scene where Rico apologizes was perfect. The scene where Late Nate and David talk, fantastic. Yes, David, it is that simple "You can do anything, you lucky bastard, you're alive." The scene where Nate comes home, wonderful.

Overall, the season was miss and hit. It started out pretty rough (compared to its previous seasons' standards) but by mid-season was finding its stride again.

I didn't really like the whole Claire arc this season. She turned into an art-school asshole.

It will be far too long until next season begins.


Peter said...

I agree.
I didn't like the Claire story at all this season.
I'm of two minds about the whole "James Cromwell as Ruth's husband going crazy in the bomb shelter" sub-plot. It's either going to be very brilliant or very disappointing when it gets resolved next season.
I though the "David gets beat up" was gripping TV.
Agree with you about the Rico apology.
I watched the entire season on Monday or Tuesday courtesy of Bittorrent. Quality and availability were excellent.

Rob said...

Gotta love the bittorrent.