Friday, September 24

NFL Picks - Opposite Day

This week, I attemp to better my (sad) 2-week-in-a-row 7-9 record by picking the exact opposite of who I pick as winners in the games this week. This week there are only 14 games scheduled, so I am aiming at going 8-6.

My Picks This Week will be ALL IN CAPITALS

NEW ORLEANS at St. Louis - I expect the Rams to win, so I will say the Saints will take this game.

PITTSBURGH at Miami - This is a tricky one. I always have to bet on the Dolphins, because they are my team. However, I expect the Steelers to win. However, I would have picked Dolphins. So, I have to pick Steelers to win.

CHICAGO at Minnesota - I am so sure that the Vikings will win this game that I expect Opposite Day to fail me on this pick.

Cleveland at NY GIANTS - This one could go either way. Normally, I'd pick the Browns because I'd kinda like them to be successful. Therefore, I pick the Giants.

Arizona at ATLANTA - First I all-capitalized Arizona, thinking that Atlanta would win this game. Then I thought for a moment: I bet this is a game where the Cardinals surprise and win. Therefore, I pick the Falcons.

Baltimore at CINCINATTI - There is no way that the Bengals will win this game. My pick: Bengals.

Philadelphia at DETROIT - In the past twenty years, have the Lioins ever started a season 3-0? Not in the last ten, and certainly not this year. Therefore, I pick them to win this game and go 3-0.

JACKSONVILLE at Tennessee - Quite simply, the Titans will win, so I'll pick the Jags.

HOUSTON at Kansas City - I gave the Texans two weeks to disappoint me. Each week I picked them to win, and each time they lost. This week, I cannot pick Houston to win, so, Houston wins.

SAN DIEGO at Denver - I couldn't possibly bet against the Broncos in this game: Chargers win.

GREEN BAY at Indianapolis - I am still proclaiming the Colts to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year. To that end, they will defeat a not-so-potent Packer team. My pick: Packers.

SAN FRANSISCO at Seattle - I cannot pick the 49ers again until they show me something, anything that gives me reason to pick them. They'll lose this game, so I'll pick them to win.

TAMPA BAY at Oakland - okay, I find it very hard to pick the Raiders, just because I don't like the team. However, I don't think the Bucs can beat them at home. I pick the Bucs to beat them.

DALLAS at Washington - I had a hard time picking who I thought would win this game. I decided on the Redskins and that's why I'm going with the Cowboys this week.

So, there they are. The picks that are opposite to what I would normally pick. 8 and 6, here I come. It's guaranteed. Maybe even 9 and 5. That's right, I'm THAT bad at picking, normally.

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