Tuesday, September 28

I'll Have A Seven and Seven

Seven and seven. Is that the name of a drink? 7-Up and some brand of gin, perhaps?

Anyway, I went 7-7 last weekend in my football picks. Yay, I made it to 50%! I made to "Guessing Quality" picking!

I'll have to re-tune my picking strategy further. Last week I picked opposite to what I'd normally pick, even though on some games I was almost 100% certain I'd be wrong (and I was). By picking opposite, I did quite well on the games where I was unsure of the outcome.

So, this week, I'm going to go with my gut on those games that I think are certain of their outcome. And I'll stick with the Opposite Pick strategy on those games where the outcome is closer to a guess.

I'm on my way to a perfect pick week, I tell yas!

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