Wednesday, September 29

Enemies, Episode 4

Tomorrow night we stage episode 4 of the improvisational soap opera Enemies. at the arts guild, at 8pm. Episodes 5 & 6 will occur on the next two following Thursdays.

This is the third season for Enemies. I was involved last year and enjoyed it enough to come back this year for another set of episodes. This year, most of the scenarios take place in Las Vegas.

Tonight's dress rehearsal went better than I expected. I am not one of those who believe a good dress rehearsal means a bad opening night. I think a good dress rehearsal means a good dress rehearsal.

Anyway, if you're looking for something to do, drop by and see the show.


Dylan Miller said...

Great show. Almost fell out of my chair laughing more than once. Great work with your bag of tricks. Noggin' Walloper omg Noggin' Walloper has me laughing right now.

ghislaine said...

ditto on the Noggin' Walloper...I have been talking into the remote all day, secretly hoping Joey is dancing like a giraffe at the Sobey's.

Rob said...

Thanks, guys. You can bet the Noggin Walloper will be getting lots more use in the next two episodes, too.
In fact, I should take requests as to what kinds of embarrassing things I should get the Noggin Walloper to have Joey perform.