Friday, September 3

Musical Moment #3

Ramblin' Man - Hank Williams

So, I had my Beatles obsession. I was working through all that punk. Naturally, from there, I turned 180 degrees around and became instantly enamoured with Hank Williams when I heard this song. I was wallpapering a bedroom with my father, and there was a Hank Williams album playing. I wasn't really paying much attention to it, though, because as a punk, country was not cool, guv'nah. This song, though, made me re-evaluate what I was going to choose to listen to. I credit this song, Hank Williams in general (and later, George Jones) for turning the light on in my brain that said "listen to whatever the hell you like. If you like it, listen to it."

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David Irwin said...

I was a pre-schooler in the 1940s, and we lived in a tourist court in Montgomery, Alabama. The radio station played Hank Williams as an article of faith, and it was the wallpaper. Primal stuff.