Sunday, September 28

Yesterday, the Karoberon and Keaton

Yesterday, the Karoberon and Keaton (CB's friend) went to Moncton in a celebration of CB's birthday, which is next week. We decided that, rather than a party, we'd let CB take a friend to the Crystal Palace, and let them rule the day in Moncton. That meant no parental side-trips to shop for boring clothing, or browse boring electronics. It was their day to waste. Arriving at noon, their first inclinations were something to eat and toy shopping. Both were accomplished at Champlain Place. CB got (after searching a couple of different stores to find his hero, Legolas) two LotR action figures, Keaton got 'an amazing' John Deere backloader type toy.

Shopping and salivation satiated, the next item on the agenda was The Crystal Palace. A bracelet on each wrist and away they went. K and I took turns away from the noise and din by escaping to Indigo. After three and a half hours, and confident that they'd exhausted all possibilty of fun from the place, they were ready to leave.

Next on the agenda was supper (or dinner, if that's what you call it). They didn't care where we ate. I took this as an opportunity to point the Lumina in a homeward direction and proposed the Big Stop Irving in Aulac. All agreed.

The BSIiA is amazing to me. It's restaurant is perpetually packed, often with a lineup a dozen deep. The wait-staff is the peak of efficiency and friendliness. They have perfected the art of hustling people in and out of the place without giving people the sense that they were rushed. People always seem happy and contented as they leave.

No lineup when we arrived but only one table was available. The moment we sat down, I noticed a lineup of about ten or so, and growing. How did that happen? "Motor coach" said K.

After dining, we headed home. Keaton soon fell asleep on route, and CB played with Legolas.

Not a great day for the sacrificing parents, really, but a top-notch day for the kids. So, it was a great day for the parents too.

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