Sunday, September 28

I perfectly understand why people

I perfectly understand why people don't like Formula One racing, and call it the height of boredom. Each race consists of somewhere around 70 laps of cars going around a track, sometimes with nary a pass or any noticable action. Checkered flag, and wake up.

I understand that. However, I find that I cannot miss a race.

I find that, to enjoy an F1 race, you have to allow yourself to get excited by the potential of what could happen. You have to find a way to get on the edge of your seat thinking about the possiblity that the lead car will break down, or something out of the ordinary will happen. This despite the fact that in a season of F1 races, such things happen maybe a handful of times. To enjoy F1, you need to ignore the kinetic energy of lap after lap of the routine of no change in standings and embrace the potential nature of the sport. If you are able to do this, an F1 race can be almost entertaining. I've been hooked for about 10 years now.

Today is the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis. It's the second last race of the season and there's a close battle for both the driver's championship and constructor's championship. To many it may end up looking like a parade of cars running around the track, but I'm suspecting that I'll be totally enthralled by it.

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