Saturday, September 13

CB is 9, almost 10.

CB is 9, almost 10. I'm at the point now where I'm having some difficulty in choosing movies to watch with him. He's at an age now where 'kids' movies are getting blase, and he's more often interested in more grown-up films, but I'm not really sure what he should be watching. For instance, I've been on a horror/thriller/suspense kick lately and I don't know what movies are appropriate for him to see. Just as a 'for instance', Is "Halloween" going to scare him - overly -, I wonder. It's been quite a while since I've seen it, so I can't recall specifics of scenes, only the general mood. He's probably ready for "Jaws". I'm pretty certain that The Exorcist is too intense for him now. I have no idea how he'd react to something like Evil Dead 2.

I don't worry about him getting scared (that's the point of such movies), or seeing boobies and such (those are also the points of such movies). In fact, I don't have near the problem in having him see sexual scenarios (to a point, of course) as I do having him see horrific images or scenes. I don't want to rush him into movies I want him to see, only to have him start having sleepless nights and such.

On a related note, my favourite movie is "Lonesome Dove". I own the DVD and watch it at least once a year. I just recently watched it with CB, his first viewing. He really enjoyed it. He was somewhat confused as to what a whore is, and why would someone want to ask one for a poke. He didn't seem too impressed with my explanation.

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