Saturday, September 20

Sometimes I catch myself doing

Sometimes I catch myself doing stupid, pointless things. Like in the past, I've spent minutes at the mirror trying to perfect my 'Sean Penn' eyes. Sometimes when I squint, I think my face, particularly my eyes, look like Sean Penn. Now, I wasn't sitting on the couch, or anything, and then thought "I should go practice my Sean Penn eyes." It's just something that evolves from nothing.

Last night was another one of those moments. I was sitting in the bathroom, and the thought struck me: How hard would it be to say, in a realistically dramatic way: I'm rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. You know, like in a really intense scene in a really intense movie, the bad guy is calling our hero all sorts of terrible things, then our hero says the rubber/glue line.

So, I spent the next couple of minutes, sitting there, lost in this little world, where I came up with movie scenarios where I'd have to say this line. I really had to sell the line, dramatically. Of course, it being late at night, I was whispering so as not to wake anyone or have anyone think I'd lost my mind. The whispering was helpful, but I was eager to really try it out loud, in a proper setting.

After a couple of minutes, I sort of had a third-person moment where I saw the idiocy of the situation (man on toilet, saying the rubber/glue line over and over again, a la Clint Eastwood, a la Al Pacino, etc) and that stopped it for me.

Still, it'd make a good improv challenge. Without the toilet, of course.

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