Friday, September 5

Not So Smooth Cycle Speaking

Not So Smooth Cycle

Speaking of Smooth Cycle, here's the story so far: I've heard nothing but great things about the service and staff at Smooth Cycle, and in fact, have had excellent service there in the past. Which just adds to the frustration of this particular episode.

Two weeks ago, the chain on CB's bike broke. K took it to Smooth Cycle to get repaired. She was told to come back in a coupla days. A coupla days later, she goes back, is given the bill for the service, pays it. The bike is rolled out. No chain on it. Apparently it wasn't fixed, as the chain had to be ordered. Come back on Tuesday. She does and is told that there were problems getting the chain. Because of the Labour Day weekend, the order for the chain had been cancelled. Huh? Don't you mean 'delayed'? No, cancelled. Huh? Anyway, the chain'll be in soon, come back on Thursday. Give them an extra day and I come in today, Friday. Bike on hook, no chain. I do notice a cobweb on it, though. Chain'll probably be here later today. "So, I'll come in tomorrow to pick it up?" Only one guy working on Saturday. "But he'll be working on my bike, right?" Hard to say, could I come back on Monday? The guy sees and hears my disappointment and frustration as I go on to explain the absurdity of two weeks to change a chain. He gives me a quarter-hearted "Sorry 'bout that." as I walk out.

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