Sunday, September 7

Leastlink I told you. Didn't


I told you. Didn't I tell you? That Eastlink goob who took my NFL Sunday Ticket subscription screwed up. Pre-game time today, I turn to the appropriate channels, nothing on except the "call this number to subscribe" image. I call for Customer Service and, of course, it being Sunday, there's no answer. I call for repair and talk to a very nice and helpful guy who tells me it's not showing as being part of my service. I explain that the doofus told me I was connected and ready to go. After some investigating, he figures out how to get me connected, then tells me I'll be billed in three easy installments. But, I say, doofus already took my credit card info and confirmed that I paid for the whole service upfront. Nice Guy politely and professionally informs me that he, being in the repair department, cannot check that out, but asks if I could call back the service department tomorrow to confirm the status. The Sunday Ticket now showing up on my TV, I happily agree and thank him for his quick and courteous service.

Bad news, though. Dolphins lose to what is supposedly the worst team in the NFL.


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