Saturday, September 6

The Big Election At another

The Big Election

At another site, someone asked what the difference between a conservative and liberal is. I replied that a liberal is the guy who will buy beer for everyone at the table. A conservative will buy buy beer only for his friends. Both will leave the bar without paying the tab. Someone else then posted that the NDP is the guy who orders beer for everyone in the bar, but expects the bar owner to pay for it.

In other election news, CB asked me who I was going to vote for, Wayne Collins or Gordon MacKay. I said I haven't decided yet, but who did CB think I should vote for. He said Wayne Collins would be the better candidate. Why? Because there's a Wayne and there's a Colin on Whose Line Is It Anyway. WLIIA is his favourite 'non-cartoon' show.

Me, I'm waiting to see what kind of beer they're offering.

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