Friday, September 5

Dromedarian Straw Just off the

Dromedarian Straw

Just off the top of my head, here are things, both big and small, that have bugged and frustrated me lately:

- Our fridge keeps malfunctioning. Every so often, the compressor stops working and it causes the fridge to lose its ability to freeze for a number of hours. Things get defrosted, and eventually the fridge will work again for a number of days. Can't trust it though.

- The bathroom troubles: tub faucet broke. toilet bolt broke and soaked our floor. Pipe to toilet broke and re-soaked our floor. Have since had it all repaired.

- The tv broke. Still shows a picture, but the colour is screwed. The screen is now a series of rainbow-rings of colour.

- The cassette player in our car broke. Seems to have seized and won't play cassettes.

- The driver's side door power-window seems to be broken. It won't go down all the way. Something must be obstructing its path.

- Having a hell of a time getting a simple bike repair job done at the usually reliable Smooth Cycle. Two weeks and counting on a chain-replacement that should take 2 days.

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