Tuesday, September 23

So, a number of years

So, a number of years ago, Annekenstein had a relatively successful summer run at the Carriage House at Beaconsfield. We were, to my knowledge, good, respectable tenants. We really enjoyed the performance space.

Apparently, though, the neighbours didn't enjoy the Annekenstein experience as much as the people who came to the shows, and when we looked into the possibility of another run the next summer, we were told something about theatre no longer being allowed in the Carriage House. Something about, since it was a historical site, there needed to be some sort of Island/historical relevance in order to have performances. This rule, it was intimated, was brought into effect after a few neighbourly complaints.

Now it's a number of years later and I notice that theatre has been occurring at the Carriage House for quite some time, and in fact there are advertisements for a 2003/2004 theatre season. I can't help but wonder what Island/historical relevance was contained in this summer's Green Eggs and Ham kids show.

I wonder what's the difference between Annekenstein theatre and the theatre that's been allowed shortly after we left? Has the rule been turned over, or have the offended neighbours moved away, or died?

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