Wednesday, September 17

In the previous post, those

In the previous post, those Columbos amongst you might have detected the reference to a broken fridge. Well, our well-respected appliance man told us that it's not worth the money to keep the old girl frigid (insert nun joke here). It had been breaking down for the past number of months, then working again. This time, though, it doesn't seem to want to work again. (insert EI joke here) Our man is sure of the problem (from a past visit) and said he could come and tell us in person, but he'd save us the service charge and just tell us over the phone: It's time for a new fridge. Well, the thing is over 30 years old, I think, and it's yellow (insert, I don't know...racist ethnic joke here?). Time to go.

So, K, having the day off today, was gallavanting with her mother to various appliance stores. It's now close to quitting time for me, and I have no idea of the results of their appliance quest.

In the "Isn't this exciting, getting a new major appliance!" respect it's kinda like Christmas. In the "Isn't this expensive, getting a new major appliance!" respect, it's kinda like...Christmas.

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