Tuesday, March 2

Too Busy To Think

I feel bad, friends, for not posting more than I have been lately, to this blog.

The truth is, I've been too busy to think. I know, I know. You're thinking "but Rob, it doesn't appear that any thought goes into your posts to begin with".

At work, I and another guy do the work of 2.5 people, which sometimes during the year escalates to the work of three, done by two. Understand? So, there's two of us. When one of us gets a cold or whatever, the other takes over the sickie's duties for the day or two of that illness. This is tolerable. For a day or two. Busy but tolerable.

Well, for the past 2+ weeks, the other guy has been out due to an extended (extending) illness, leaving me, a man of 1, to do the work of 2.5, sometimes 3. Unsure of when he'll return, the office has been asking me on a semi-regular basis if I need another to help out. So far, I've been getting by, by treating each day as one of those he's-out-sick-today days (I'm just not acknowledging that it's been 12 consecutive he's-out-sick-today days.) So far, I've been managing to efficiently and effectively get the work of 2.5, sometimes 3, done by one. Some (most) days, though, it leaves me completely drained, intellectually. (the first 3 "Rob + drained + intellect" jokes receive a prize) As a result, the postings here have been sparse and few between.

Regular programming will resume when technical difficulties subside.

Please Stand By.

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