Wednesday, March 24

Fresh Off The Brain

Sketch 22, the comedy troupe that I'm currently involved in (with?), will be premiering two of our hot and fresh bits of comedy, this Sunday night at the Gala Night of the PEI Theatre Festival 2004. Not sure when we perform, but the evening gets underway at 7pm at the whatever-it's-called-now-but-used-to-be-called-the Lecture Theatre at the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

We'll be breaking the theatrical cherries of two, hopefully, funny sketches: The Len Kelly Affair, and, still under its working title, The Plover Sketch.

If you'd like to be the 6th person on this Earth to witness these sketches, come out and join the crowd this Sunday night. If you'd rather wait, you can catch them (and many more) this summer on Thursday and Friday nights at the ARTS Guild. If you have no interest at all in them, well, shame on you.

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Cyn said...

I be supportin'.