Thursday, March 11


Sometimes little things amuse me to no end.

Just finished reading the rehash of last week's The Apprentice at the very funny Television Without Pity. Or was it PlanetSocks? Either way, both are very entertaining sites that present often sarcastic, always funny recaps of recently aired television programs. Sometimes the recaps can be upwards of 15 pages long. (They often go into minute details of observation)

The Apprentice is a 'reality' program where a group of business people vie against each other for what is apparently the creme de la creme of business life: a job working for Donald Trump. (personally, I'd prefer a job *not* working for Donald Trump, that is, where the job is 'not working'). Anyway, one of the most annoying contestants was a woman called Amarosa, but she got fired last week. The little thing that amused me to no end was that the recapper continually calls her "Assorama" instead of Amarosa.

I wish I had thought of that.

If you're interested, check out the Survivor recaps too. Pretty entertaining.


Sakja said...

Yeh, Omarosa is an ass alright. In fact, she is such an ass, she probably could run a school on "how to be an ass."
Like your slogan. It's from Star Trek TNG, isn't it, from the episode where Picard is transported to this planet with a captain from an alien race to fight together against some horrid creature. Picard is having difficulty learning the alien captain's language, who keeps saying phrases like "Tanagra, his arms wide" and "on the ocean". I can't believe I remember all that; I must be a closet Trekkie.

Rob MacD said...

That's right, Sakja. You win the prize for being the first to identify the reference of that slogan.
Your prize is this sentence: "Congratulations on being the first to identify the reference of my slogan!" You can copy and paste it to your heart's content.

brykmantra said...

It's that calls her Assorama ...
PS Wasn't it Paul Winfield playing the alien captain? He died recently ...