Thursday, March 11

Double Digit Day

On what date will the temperature at Charlottetown next reach +10C or higher?

I'm going on record as saying Friday, March 19th will be the next day that the temperature reaches +10.

What say you?


Peter Rukavina said...

The following are the maximum temperatures on March 19 for the past ten years: 1993, -5.0; 1994, 0.8; 1995, 1.2; 1996, 5.9; 1997, -2.0; 1998, 3.9; 1999, 4.0; 2000, -3.0; 2001, 2.1; 2002, -1.9; 2003, -2.9.
Last year the maximum temperature didn't hit double digits, after March 19, until April 11.
Which is my guess.

Nils Ling said...

I'll go with April 15th, if only because it's the traditional opening day for Rustico Resort and therefore the unofficial start of the Island golf season.

Rob MacD said...

Thanks for the statistics, Peter. While the string of the last ten years is not good news for my guess, I'm still confident. I am confident only because I'm guessing that it is common that there is a day or two each year where the temperature freakishly reaches double digits before March 19th. That hasn't happened yet this year, so that is what I am banking on. Of course, I'll expect Peter's prowess in providing statistical proof will prove my assumption wrong.

Cyn said...

Will I be so bold as to suggest the date of March 16th? I will.