Monday, March 29

PEI Theatre Festival 2004

From backstage, it looked like the PEI Theatre Festival 2004 Gala Awards night was a big success. A huge crowd in attendance, lots of people dressed really nicely, and everybody seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves.

Congratulations to Cynthia and the organizing committee for putting on a great 5 day event.

One thing, though. While it was fun to have the guys from the band playing music to bring people up on stage, and fun to have the 'and the award goes to' drumrolls, the drummer's need to provide a 'ba dum dum' or rim shot with every line that could possibly be perceived as funny...that started to get obtrusive to me.

I found it kind of funny, and I don't mean any offense to the event itself...but it was funny how some of the award recipients seemed to be really impressed/pleased with themselves that they won. The one who thanked God for the talent that He provided her was a highlight.

Sketch 22 performed two sketches near the end of the evening and they seemed to be very well received. Lots of laughter. It felt really good being on stage again, with scripted words.


Cyn said...

Yikes! That whole thanking the lord thing is quite bizarre. I would have thanked my mom and dad.

dave m said...

So who won what?

Rob MacD said...

You know what? I can't even remember who won the two Supporting Role awards that I presented.
UPEI Theatre Society actors won them, I believe.
Don't know who won Best Actor awards.
Sue Urqhart won the coveted Director award, and Emily Hanlon's kids won the Best Production.
Duncan McIntosh was the adjudicator who decided who won what.

Ann Thurlow said...

Even though I ended up at this event through a complete fluke I had a really good time. And I was pleased to see Will MacFayden win Best Actor and young Megan Stewart win Best Actress because I think they are both stars of the highest magnitude.
Sketch 22 was very funny - esepcially the sketch with Rob and Matt which managed to be very clever and very poignant as well as just plain funny.
More, please.

Rob MacD said...

Thank you, Ann. A compliment from you is always appreciated.
I was surprised by the poignancy of the sketch.

Ann said...

Surprised that it came out so poignant or surprised that I thought so?
There is something poignant about people who are so damned stubborn that they can't see how ridiculous they sound to everyone else.
But I get teared up at the guy who is trying to remember what his wife told him when he's trying to pick out toilet paper, too - the guy in the Cottonelle commercial.

Rob MacD said...

Surprised at the sketch, or the performance of it, perhaps. Not that you thought so.
In the few rehearsals we did, the poignancy never really emerged, I don't think.
Sunday, I was caught off guard, I guess, because I sensed the audience feeling for this guy in his little moment of defeat. I wasn't expecting that.

Cyn said...

Supporting roles winners were Adam Gautier and Sharon Eyster both of the UPEI Theatre Society.