Tuesday, March 16

Not Like Other Lego Guys

I'm a fan of the Lego stop-motion genre of film-making. My son and I have even produced a couple of short Lego films, and if I had more web-space, and/or was more comfortable in my knowledge of how to do so, I'd offer them up for you.

I came across a link for what is, by far, the best Lego movie I've ever seen. It's a close-to-shot-by-shot reproduction of Michael Jackson's video "Thriller". It's a little blurry, but it's good.

You can download it here. The site is in German, and you have to scroll down near the bottom to find the download link. I'm not sure how big the file is, but it's definately worth it.

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Peter Rukavina said...

The actual URL for the Thriller deal is http://www.legogoestohollywood.de/filme/thriller/lgt.html -- the site uses frames, which obscures the URLs of the individual pages.
The file is 35MB large.