Monday, March 15

But Does It Suck Gass

There is a television ad that is airing now. I believe it is advertising a van (maybe it's a car?).


Doorbell rings, mid-40's man answers the door. At the door is his cool 1980's self, come to the present to see what the hell happened to him. He's so square now. He's so not cool. He's --

--wait a minute, a van (car?) has pulled up and a woman gets out and starts taking groceries out of the back seat.

This sight of this lovely vision stops 80's guy in mid-rant. Is he excited about the vehicle, or the woman, obviously his future-wife?

Now, what I noticed right away (and this may be a character flaw on my part) was the rather large behind on the woman. Not fat, but very J-Lo. A big bottom. This size of this bottom cannot be an accident, I think to myself. It is definately big enough to not be an accident. An ass like this can only get into an ad on purpose.

But why would they want a big-assed woman in the ad?

80's guy runs over to vehicle, looks in the back, where the groceries are, and I believe his only comment regarding the vehicle is a too-excited "Big backseat!!"


What the hell?

I don't know if I dislike this ad, or if I really like it.

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