Wednesday, March 17

The Saviour of Rock and Roll

Currently, critics are climbing all over each other, each clamoring that they were the THE apostle who first wrote the scripture claiming Franz Ferdinand as the saviour of popular music. While the band is fantastic, and you should go find their album right now, they are too 'of the moment' to be taken seriously as the band that will save music.

There needs to be a science behind the claim. In steps Dr. David Thorpe with a very scientific method to determine exactly who might just be our Rock'n'Roll Saviour.

The results of his science are shocking, but perhaps, accurate. I'll not divulge the results here, but if this saviour does pan out, I hereby claim myself to be a Rock'n'Roll Atheist.

Meantime, on this day of Irish celebration, go and seek out the fantastic music of Scottish phenoms Franz Ferdinand.

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