Tuesday, March 2

Lethal Weepin'

The Accordian Guy has a post about some alternate names for The Passion of The Christ. I do like the Tarantino versions: Kill Jesus and Pulp Crucifixion, as well as the poster for the version of the movie starring Snoop Dogg, called The Pazzle of The Chrizzle.

With my title to this post, I tried to stick to a Mel Gibson themed title. Lethal Weepin' isn't so great, admittedly, even if you understand that everyone who sees the movie is supposed to cry. But it's a beter Gibson-themed title than BraveChrist. Perhaps I should have chosen Robed Warrior?

By the way, does anyone else think that this movie might hurt the recent Pilates workout craze?

Have you got any alternate titles?

Just looking through some of the DVD's hangin' 'round my computer, and some other thoughts, here's a few more:

From Merchant Ivory productions: A Cross With A View

From Spike Jonze: Being Jesus Christ

From Spielberg: Saving Private Christian, and The Emperor Strikes Back, and Jews!

From Oliver Stone: Born on the First of A.D.

From Orson Welles: Citizen Christ

From Robert Altman: C*H*R*I*S*T

From Frank Capra: Mr. Christ Goes To Juruselum

Yeah, yeah. Pretty lame.


al said...

Jesus Chainsaw Massacre

dave said...

Disney's The Lyin' King