Wednesday, March 10

To The Button

I completely understand why people can't stand curling. To the uninitiated or uncaring, it must seem like the most utterly boring sport on television.

But I absolutely love watching it. If you know, or care, about what's going on, it's an incredibly nuanced and subtle sport. It can be incredibly exciting, if you know what you're watching.

Granted, I only watch the major tournaments, can't be bothered with those skin tourneys they televise over the winter. The best curling, by far, is the Brier, which is happening this week. The curling here, on average, is far superior to the world championships where the quality of teams is more inconsistent.

Being an Island boy, I always root for PEI, of course. And, except for last year's Scott tourney, am always disappointed by the results. However, last night, with PEI completely out of the running with a 1-and-whatever record, I found myself cheering for Newfoundland to beat PEI in a close, high-scoring game. This is the first time I can recall wishing another province's team would beat ours. Why? I really like the NL team, and they're right in the hunt for top spot.

So, go Newfoundland! You're what PEI would be, if PEI had a sense of humour.

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