Tuesday, October 26

Sasa Lele

I have a friend. Her name is Sasa Lele (pronounced Sass-ah Leh-lay). She is from Africa.

Okay, not really. But I have been inventing, bit by bit, a background for a fictional character named Sasa Lele. Where did the name come from, you ask?

On Quxxn Strxxt, there is a store called Hxxe Axxents. On their window, for quite some time now is a hand painted sign that says:



Well, not quite like that, because the L's fall under the S's and the E's fall under the A's. For the longest time (months, I'd say) I read it as Sasa Lele Sasa Lele. I figured it was a brand name. Then one day it struck me. It's saying "Sale Sale", only in an unclear way. Anyway, since that revelation I've decided that Sasa Lele is the name of some person.

Feel free to add some elements to her background.


Ann said...

She is from Cameroon. She is tall and came to this country to study to be a vet. But she really wants to be a hairdresser and work in New York City. She is not doing very well at vet school, which she blames and her bad English. But the truth is that she spend hours doing the hair of the other vet students. A girl from Wisconsin now has corn rows. Sasa Lele can't tell her family about all this because they are so proud of her and she didn't need to come all the way to Canada to become a hairdresser. But Canada is closer to New York...

Rob said...

Aw, that's sad. Poor Sasa. I hope she starts getting money for doing others' hair.
I smell a one-person show. To make the smell even stronger, I'll say that I'll be the one performing it.