Thursday, October 7

Enemies - So Far

Episode 4 of Enemies was performed last Thursday. This Thursday is Episode 5.

In case you missed all the action last week and are planning to see the show tonight, here's a recap:

Ludwig, the arrogant, selfish musician, has been noggin-walloped by Bubba Fett, the bounty hunter who's arrived in Las Vegas, looking for the immoral Dr. Shelley Lugosi's simple-minded clone Kenny. A noggin-walloping means that Ludwig is, physically, under the control of Bubba Fett, who commands Ludwig to do his bidding. Ludwig is not pleased about this constant embarrasment and bother.

Dr. Shelley, through holographic communications with bounty hunter Bubba, keeps demanding Bubba work quicker, and bring back Shelley's sex-toy/son/clone to where Shelley can do as he pleases with Kenny.

The armless Cassidy, Ludwig's girlfriend, has fallen in love with Kenny and is not sure how to tell Ludwig.

Kenny has fallen in love with the Lord, and then, with Cassidy. There's seems to be a pure, untainted love.

Gabe, also in love with the Lord, is denying his new-found love for Kenny, whose pheremones cause everyone to fall in love with him.

Gabe's girlfriend, the psychic Britney, is tired of it all and only wants she and Gabe to be happy together. To achieve this, she's willing to use a wish on her magic Lobster Claw. Gabe refuses pagan help, though, and quickly becomes infatuated with formerly retired Acadian Christian folk-singer Sabine Dijon. Britney does not like being two-three-and-four-timed by Gabe

Butch, Cassidy's one-armed twin,and the sensually vulgar woman who kidnapped, from Dr. Shelley, Kenny to Las Vegas, is upset that her hard work in brainwashing Kenny into her sex slave has been for naught, since Kenny has gone off with Gabe to learn the ways of God. She's rabidly on the hunt of Kenny herself, and will stop at nothing to get him back. Even if it means killing him.

Just as Bubba and Butch are about to fight over which of them gets Kenny, Gabe stops the proceedings with news that Kenny is now off-limits, now that he's in the religious sanctuary of the church Gabe newly purchased, formerly known as the Xanadu Casino, now known as the Xanadu Holy Roller Disco Experience and Church.

What will happen this week? Come find out tonight at the Arts Guild.

Or don't.

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